Christmas Time and Quiet Temptations


Donning a Stocking, Cap, and Bow, lovely Kim quietly waits for Santa!

Ever have someone show you glimpses of things to come that almost blow your mind and all the while they are telling you, “But don’t tell anyone about this yet!” so your head is almost exploding with really cool information yet you can’t say anything about it?

The info seems so beautifully sweet and juicy that you want to tell everyone but at the same time you are being admonished to keep it on the Q.T.

I was going to use the photo of the cutie in the photo for another Christmas related article I was writing but it seemed appropos with what I am writing about other QTs to use it here.

Photojournalistically I mainly shoot and write about public events so confidentiality is rarely an issue, but of late I have been running accross Hollywood types that rely heavily on both Publicity and Secrecy which makes for an odd combination.

They want word to get out about their projects yet they don’t want it to get out before they are ready for it to be announced so they don’t embarrass themselves or others by premature announcements.

This results in conversations that are speculative and filled with caveats that, like the photo of the lovely model, give a good idea what you may be seeing soon but still keep things covered.

I have been working up my travel schedule for the next two months, setting up interviews, and have had multiple conversations along those lines.

Some of the conversations have been having me sitting back and mainly saying, “WOW!!!”, “AMAZING!!!” and “FANTASTIC!!!”

There is an old joke, “$100,000,000.00 and $100,000,000.00 there can add up to real money.” and similarly a book here, a movie there, a new production company, and a TV series elsewhere can fill up peoples schedules.

I should have my schedule firmed up soon and be on the road again with some interesting and fun interviews which, if I time things right, will have more solid information and maybe even some behind the scenes on a movie or television set.

So more to come very soon and in the meantime, Merry Christmas!

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