Where’s my head???

It has been suggested to me that, since I write about movies and such that can be purchased online at Amazon and others, I should start adding Amazon advertising links to my site in the articles I write.

Good idea.

I had thought about it but I have been mainly focused on the content of the site and not on getting advertising or making money.

In the long run, yeah, I need to have income to support my plans but in the short run, creating content has been far more important.

At this point I am set to post over 200 articles in 2011 and have significant content.

So perhaps it is time.

Here is another interesting link for free 3D software taht I use.

New 3D Artists Start Here

I was just tweeting with a fellow that mentioned a CD – Steam Powered Stories – The Cog is Dead!

It is pretty interesting so check it out!  🙂




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