Game Over! – An Interview with Dave Bullis Writer/Director/Producer of the Game Over The Series Pilot

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dave Bullis of Game Over The Series via email and Twitter for a good portion of 2011 and he has impressed me as a fellow with a vision for creativity and a determination to bring his vision to fruition even against the odds.

In spite of multiple setbacks, increased budget costs, and other difficulties the pilot has been completed and they are gearing up to get it into the hands of television networks.


The comedy centers on the activities in the local outlet of a big chain video game store with the pilot being the premiere of a brand new gaming system.

The employees can’t resist the temptation to test the system that the store is giving away and chaos ensues.

After chatting with Dave I am really looking forward to seeing the pilot.

In the meantime check out the interview I did with him this past week in Philadelphia.

It starts with a bit of video I shot at the Eastern State Penitentiary earlier on a short sightseeing tour, combined with a snippet of music by The Icarus Kid.


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