George Strayton Speaks on his new Role Playing Game – The Secret Fire!


George Strayton creator of The Secret Flame
George Strayton creator of The Secret Fire

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This past week I travelled east and stopped in New York and Philadelphia before returning home.
After dropping by the headquarters of Troma Entertainment I made my way over to an overcrowded Starbucks to meet with George Strayton.
We went up the street to a yogurt and smoothie place that we hoped would be a bit quieter.
It wasn’t as bad as the Starbucks but when their blenders were running it did cause us to pause, so this interview will be broken up into multiple parts.
This first part is about his new Role Playing Game that he created called The Secret Fire.
He ran demos on it at various conventions including Gen Con in Indianapolis and will continue to do so this year.
Currently he anticipates attending Gencon, Conncon, Dexcon, Origins, Dreamation and Bamcon where he will be running the game himself.
It is now also been picked up by Indie Press Revolution and they will be representing him and selling it at other cons where he can’t be present.
I did what I could to clean up the sound but had to break off at the end here as we were just trying to be heard over the blender at that point.
The intro video was shot the following evening in Philadelphia outside and inside the old prison, The Eastern State Penitentiary, where Al Capone was imprisoned for a year.
I thought it would add a little drama and fun to the video.

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