New Years Greetings from Robert “Lord Zedd” Axelrod!


Robert Axelrod in Hollywood, California

Robert Axelrod in Hollywood, California

I am just back from California where I had a great time with Robert Axelrod.

We went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet (seems to be the kind of place where we end up!) and then when back to his home for a chat which we put on video.

Robert is keeping busy and was in a couple movies this past year that are currently looking for a distributor as well as many many voice roles and was just in a video short while I was in California this past weekend. 

 He is also a recurring character – Terry Bruge-Hiplo – on John C. Riley‘s Dr. Steve Brule show!

Coming Soon – More with George Strayton, a tour of Troma Entertainment, a visit to the Evans City Cemetary where they shot Night of the Living Dead, an interview with Todd Haberkorn, and more!

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