Major stuff!

Mike Holman relaxes in our luxurious (Motel 6) suite

Mike Holman relaxes in our luxurious (Motel 6) suite

This has been a whirlwind of a Month!

I have hit both east and west coasts visiting Troma Entertainment in New York City (video yet to come!) and interviewing George Strayton while there (part one is already posted but more to come!) then hit the west coast to attend Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium, The Magic Castle in Hollywood with Pop and Nancy Haydn, and then did interviews with two great actors, Todd Haberkorn and Robert Axelrod as well as, well, more to come!

I returned this past (staying at the airport Wednesday night as the Avis Rental car died on me and after getting it started I didn’t trust it to get me there if I stopped so I drove it straight to the airport and turned it in and sat up at the airport all night!) Thursday, slept about 16 hours.

Friday I drove to Bowling Green, Kentucky to meet up with Mike Holman (from the television show Jacka$$ and such) late Friday night. 

Saturday we went on to the Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Kon in Tennessee where Mike was continually surrounded by fans.

In addition to taking some pics of otaku I interviewed some Zombies and makeup artists from Walking Dead and a couple movies that aren’t out yet (more to come!), a Marvel comic artist, and a writer for Marvel comics (more and more yet to come!)

I just drove straight through the night to arrive safely, dodging the worst of the weather on the way back and wanted to write a quick update of teasers on what I have to update in the near future and to give an additional, huge announcement that some have already commented on.

There is now a new image on our front page with the title above it being Sponsors and the image being for Gen Con!

While I was away last week I received a signed contract from The Weird Review’s first corporate sponsore, Gen Con LLC!

Gen Con is the Khan of Cons in my book.

Folks come from all over the world for the games, books, comics, art, movies, anime, cosplay, clothes, steampunk gear (I got my Sporran for my Kilt at Gen Con 2010!)

Gen Con is also where the major game companies display new products and where the independents go to stake a claim in the gaming world.

So, do you think I am geeked about it?

Oh Yeah!

Bottom line is, Gen Con is AWESOME!

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