A Magic Night with Pop and Nancy Haydn at The Magic Castle!

Pop, Nancy, and The Magic Castle!

Pop, Nancy, and The Magic Castle!

I remember as a kid getting the kiddie magic kits at Stuckey’s, reading books about magic from the library, and buying books, kits, and fun illusions from the Abbot’s Catalog.

Later I saw Harry Anderson perform live and have even been able to get to the Magic Get Together in Colon, Michigan a time or two and have seen some amazing performers.

On Television I used to watch anything I could about magic from Houdini documentaries to Bill Bixby on The Magician.

Pop and Bonnie next to the Guardian Owl in the Magic Castle!

Pop and Bonnie next to the Guardian Owl in the Magic Castle!

If you add together all the performances I have seen on television and in person, I have seen a lot of magic and in playing around in my younger days, I have done a bit too, but other than in my dreams I never really expected I would ever get the opportunity to say the magic words to the owl guarding the secret entrance at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Pop, Nancy, and I at the Magic Castle - Photo by Bonnie Ball

Pop, Nancy, and I at the Magic Castle - Photo by Bonnie Ball

From the moment his performance began at the World Steam Expo last summer I knew I was seeing the most amazing magician I had ever seen in my life.

Pop performs the simple and the difficult with equal ease and fluidity and the greatest feat of magic he has performed for me was getting me into the Magic Castle.

I wish I could show you more photos of the interior but they confiscated my camera at the door (a photographer without his camera?  I felt naked!) and I had to spend the evening unable to fully document the momentous event.

However, let me assure you I saw some amazing performers and in addition to being the Carnegie Hall of Magic, the place is a beautiful old mansion with its walls covered in the history of magic.

I might also add that the chef must also be a wizard as the food was excellent!

I do hope to one day return to the magic castle and Pop has extended the invite so hopefully there is more to come on this.

For those who, like me, love a good bit of magic and dream of visiting, don’t leave it as a dream!

There are three ways to enter The Magic Castle:

1) Be a Member

2) Be invited by a Member

3) Stay the night at The Magic Castle Hotel

While I haven’t seen the inside of The Magic Castle Hotel, from what I can see, it would be as amazing even as the castle is itself.

From checking their site for the price at The Magic Castle Hotel I would place it at the upper range of pricing of hotels I have stayed at in the past.

The Gaylord in Washington D.C. is the most expensive I have stayed at this past year and The Magic Castle is less expensive, more spacious, and far more worth the stay in my book as the shows I saw and the people I met were worth far more than the price.

I am known for getting the best prices on hotels and pinching pennies on travel but this is not a place for doing that.

Staying at The Magic Castle Hotel would be the reason for saving up money by staying cheap elsewhere!

So if you are going to Hollywood for a special occasion, Honeymoon, Birthday, Anniversary, or just to celebrate the Whatness of Not, it is well worth the splurge to stay a night at The Magic Castle Hotel and enjoy the mysteries of The Magic Castle!

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