Interview With George Strayton Part Two – Past and Present Projects.

Writer, Transmedia Producer, Game creator/designer, all around creative guy, George Strayton

Writer, Transmedia Producer, Game creator/designer, all around creative guy, George Strayton

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of chatting with George Strayton while I was in New York City.

George is well known in the role playing game circles as a creator and developer of games (see part one of the interview for more on gaming!) and is also well known for his writing skills as shown in his work on television and movies.

George got his start (for more on how he got his start check out part 3 of the interview!) in television writing when he worked for Sam Raimi on the Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Cleopatra 2525 television series.

Since then George has gone on to fill other roles in the industry including Transmedia Producer on TransformersTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and the 2009 Star Trek movie.

In this segment of my interview George discusses a bit of his filmography and then goes on to talk about some of the projects he is currently working on.

George is working with Christina Kallas on a Science Fiction series called The Kairos Project which sounds like it will be quite fun.


An intense action-drama about a group of people who discover the ability to exist in multiple places at the same time. They quickly find themselves in a war that has been raging for millennia with those who have sworn to kill anyone who uncovers this capability. A strange mystery involving different periods of time in their own lives — and even before — starts to unfold, leading them toward the solution to the universe’s greatest question…if they can survive long enough to unravel the answer.”

After discussing The Kairos Project I asked for an update on The Xombie movie that George has been working on.

George wrote the script for this Zombie superhero movie based on a web series of the same name.


After waking up with total amnesia, a man discovers that he’s somehow been turned into a sentient zombie. With the help of a teenage girl, he sets out to uncover the truth of how he became a walking dead. The script is based on James Farr’s animated web series at”

Check out the interview and forgive the noise as we were in a smoothie shop with customers and blenders buzzing in the background!

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