My Bloody Wedding – Not for Mom!

David Fultz - My Bloody Wedding

David Fultz - My Bloody Wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Fultz, one of the stars of the movie My Bloody Wedding.  I walked away with three copies of My Bloody Wedding and some autographed pics.  I have read where it was compared to Wayne’s World and Airplane! but found it more reminiscent of Eat and Run.

In this Morgan Mead film, the bride, Callista, and groom, Doug, played by Morgan C. Mead (not the director Morgan Mead) and Patrick Babbitt, centers around the bride and her bride’s maids becoming fang baring canibals.

Mr. Fultz plays Clyde who is an odd combination of the monster fighting power of Van Helsing with the intellect and personality more like Ernest P. Worrell.  In the first scene where he meets the Doug I had to zip back on the DVD a bit as he seemed to suddenly appear.  It was no major act of ninja stealth or Hollywood magic once I played it back as you can see him hiding behind a small tree but on the small screen it caught me off guard.  As Doug walks up to his fiancee’s home, Clyde follows him, imitating his actions on the way.  While Clyde initially impresses the viewer as a total fool, when the body count rises, he also rises to the challenge in his own, humorous way.

This is definitely not a movie my mother would enjoy, but if you like movies that are riddled with sexual inuendo and require a few years supply of fake blood for their slap-stick zombie slaying scenes, you will love this movie.

To prove it I will send an autographed copy of the flick to the first person that will post a comment to this article and have five of their friends do the same, each promising to watch the movie and post their personal thoughts after they watch it.  I will also send an autographed pic of Dave for the five friends after they post their reviews.

So if you want a free, autographed copy of the movie, post a comment saying, “I want the video and I promise to get five friends to watch it with me!” and then have five of your friends post, “I am a friend of {Your name} and I will watch the movie with them and post my oppinion of the movie afterwards.”  and please, as funny as I am sure it would be, make sure they put your name and not the words “Your name” or they will be disqualified and the next person that posts that they want the movie will get it.

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  1. That’s 2 out of 5 with no competition so far but the signup feature was messing up so now that it is working who knows?

    3 more to go!

  2. I am a friend of Rena’s and I will watch the movie with them and post my oppinion of the movie afterwards.

  3. Four more friends sign up and post and I will ship Rena the movie!

    But who knows?

    Someone else may give it a shot.

    I am at a Con in Lansing, Michigan this weekend.


  4. I am a friend of Rena’s and I will watch the movie with them and post my oppinion of the movie afterwards.

  5. Excellent! Now, before anyone else does, get 5 friends to post that they will watch it with you and comment on the movie afterwards, you will have yourself an autographed copy of the movie!

  6. HERRO! Rena would like very much to have this amazing-sounding video for me and my over five friends to enjoy~ Promise~ 😀

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