A Dark and Delightful Dream (or Nightmare) for Lovecraft Lovers – Build an Elder god!


Build an Elder god - A game by Ben and Jamie

Build an Elder god - A game by Ben and Jamie

 Can’t afford an elder god of your very own?  Well it may be a fun backyard project for the Summer or, better yet, just support Ben and Jamie’s Kickstarter Project and you can have the kit digitally delivered via the ether or have it materialize at your very door stoop.

This stand alone card game being produced by Jamie’s Signal Fire Studios has nice graphics, a fun concept, quick play, and looks to be great for a family get together or an evening activity at a con.

You and your friends find the Necromicon and each build your own elder god in your back yards.

 Of course those who summon tentacle toting dark denizens through the ether tend to become rather  competitive so while building your beastie you can also blast your buddys’ beasties to slow them down.

The game creation is already complete and the kickstarter ends this weekend, 3/25/2012, at 7 p.m. E.D.T., so it is a no brainer on it going through to collecting your reward.

Their kickstarter has several awesome rewards for various levels of participation starting with only a buck to get a mention in the booklet and on their website.

For only $5 you can get a digital copy of the game.

I went for the $25 for all that, a poster and the boxed game delivered to my door.

Kick in a few extra bucks and you can get special cards, t-shirts, art prints, and other nifty stuff including “artist Ben Mund will create a customized monster head card for the game using a picture you provide” (Hmmm…  I wonder if I still have a pic of my old girlfriend around somewhere…)

So if you are a Lovecraft fan, what are you waiting for?

Oh, and Jamie tells me that they will be at Gen Con* in August so check out their Kickstarter and join me on the Dark Si… Um…  Lovecraftian Side and I will see ya at Gen Con!

*Gen Con sponsors The Weird Review so of course we will be there covering the convention again!  We wouldn’t have missed it anyhow!

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