Indiegogo fun with Terence Cover’s Damnbulance and a Cool Kickstarter from Amy Claxton!

Terence Cover and his Damnbulance script

Terence Cover and his Damnbulance script

I first met Terence Cover last year at the Motor City Comic Con where I picked up a copy of the first season of his super hero series, Suburban Heroes.  Later I saw him at the US Premiere of the wonderful, indie horror movie Mimesis in Port Huron.

It is always a pleasure seeing Terence and he keeps getting better so I am looking forward to seeing what he can do with his short film Damnbulance.

He wrote the screenplay as a student at the Motion Picture Institute seven years ago and is now running an Indiegogo Crowd fundraiser to raise the funds for renting an ambulance and such.

When I heard he was doing the Indiegogo I had to check it out and I figured I would chip in a few bucks just because I like the fellow and am looking forward to seeing what he can do as Writer/Director/Producer.

With indie flicks the cost is usually kept to a minimum so a little goes a long way and with Indiegogo the folks raising money offer perks for kicking in for the project.

I was figuring I would kick in $15 to $20 for a copy of the video when it was done but Terence has perks that go much better than that at a very reasonable rate!

For $5 you get listed in the movie under “Special Thanks” and for $15 you get that plus a copy of the DVD and add another $10 to that and you get all that plus a signed copy of the script.

Cool enough but I had to drop $50 on it as you get all that plus you become an Associate Producer.

There are still Associate producer slots open and if you are feeling like having a bit of fun at your own expense there is the ultimate perk.

For $500 you can be one of the victims in the ambulance!

So check it out and join in the fun!

Amy Claxton Survival Horror Card Game

Amy Claxton's Survival Horror Card Game

For more fun for Horror and Gaming fans check out Amy Claxton’s Directors Cut Survival Horror The Card Game.

For just $3 they will list you on their website and give you a thanks and $5 will get you that and a special promo card for the game.

The photography and graphics are beautiful and for those who want to be a part of it and really get into it, you can pay $500 to get your name and picture on one of the cards as well as 12 sets of the cards, 12 promo cards and lots of other luvin perks from the lovely Amy Claxton and her crew!

For the Horror Fan on your birthday list or even for a engagement present, either of these Crowd Funders would be a unique and fun gift!

(A final note: Someone recently asked me if I put my money where my mouth was on these things.  Yes indeed!  I am not receiving any kickbacks other than the perks that go along with my support of the crowd funding and The Weird Review is a backer of each of these projects!)

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