As Lovely as ABE – Three Lovely Ladies from Anime-SPARK!

April and Brittany
April and Brittany

If ABC is symbolic of simplicity, ABE could well simbolize beauty from my experience at Anime-SPARK!  Among the many lovely ladies at the con three stick out in my memory, April Choi, Brittany Rotert, and Erica Wise.

I caught April and Brittany dancing together at one of the Anime-SPARK! dances and later spent a little extra time doing photo shoots with them.

April has been modeling professionally for about two years.  Her main categories of modeling include fashion and dance.  She says her wardrobe is expansive in the areas of Gothic, Industrial, Lolita, Pin-Up, Punk and Cyber with outfits in many other styles. She is 25 years old, 5 foot 6 inches, measures 34-24-34, and has been run way shows and magazine shoots.

April spends all her free time dancing. She also teaches ballroom, swing, and latin dance in the eastern Iowa region and has a background in jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop and modern dance. She loves to dance and was one of the dance instructors at the convention.  her favorite dances are currently blues and hip-hop going to raves and just started incorporating poi spinning and other object manipulation arts into her dance.

April has been attending Anime conventions and raves since she was old enough to drive with her first Con being Anime Iowa Back in 2003…

Brittany Rotert has also done some modeling but her main focus thus far has been fine tuning the beauty in others.  She studied Make-Up Artistry at Capri College and works at the Wehrenberg Theater.  Her latest and greatest news is that she became engaged to Joshua Havran yesterday.

Erica Wise in The Proposal
Erica Wise in The Proposal

Last but not least of our lovely ladies is Erica Wise.  I first ran across Erica at Anime-ZAP! where she was the auctioneer for the Bishie Auction.  At the Bishie Auction she took the highest bid of the whole auction.  At Anime-SPARK! she was the auctioneer for the date auction.  When she was about to begin the auction for herself as a date, one of her assistants interupted her with an unexpected opening bid that blew away the competition.  His bid?  An engagement ring!  The auction ended with that as nobody was prepared to overbid him.

For more pics of April, Brittany, and Erica, check out the Anime-SPARK! and Anime-ZAP! albums.




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