Motel 6 – We’ll Keep the Lie on for You!

The plate on the Delorean was Outa tme and I was too!
The plate on the Delorean was Outa tme and I was too!
The plate on the Delorean was Outa tme and I was too!

The plate on the Delorean was OUTATME and I was too!

I really prefer not to be negative but this has been one of those evenings where it it has been hard not to be negative.

So I will start with a positive.

I am staying at the Travelodge in London, Ontario on my way to visit Blake Northcott and I am excited about meeting her and the Travelodge is a nice and comfortable place.

The evening started with me checking out hotel rates on Priceline Vs. Travelocity.

Since I have Priceline advertising I usually go through them for the “Name your own Price” deals and I usually can get things below Travelocity’s best price.

Tonight I couldn’t and I was contemplating taking Travelocity’s deal as I sometimes do but held off and was going to check in when I was closer to the border.  That way I could decide by how I was feeling by then on how far across the border I could go into Canada before checking into a hotel.

You never know when your inner geek is going to pop to the surface and mined popped up when a Delorean on a trailer went past me and I saw “OUTATME” on the license plate.

I suspect the car is going somewhere for a show as the Back To Future car though I don’t think the original car had a Michigan license plate.

I suspect there are multiple Back to the Future Deloreans and I have seen them before but tonight it tripped my inner geek and, Long story short, I tailed the Delorean for a few miles so I could get a pic of its license plate.

Once I put my camera back in the case with a feeling of “Mission Complete!” and my inner geek was happy, I looked at the clock and saw it was past 11 and too late to make that reservation.

I was indeed “outa time” and I had to just find a place when I got into London this evening.

Unfortunately when I crossed the border, Customs decided they wanted to spend some quality time with me and my car.

After spending time sifting through my small fortune in Diet Ruby Red Squirt bottles, one of the kind custom agents kindly suggested I clean my car before I next come to Canada and then expressed his disgust to the other gentleman that was working through my photographic equipment.

Suffice it to say my trip was a bit delayed and early this morning I rolled into London.

I stopped at the Wellington Exit where I found a cluster of motels.

I went to the Motel 6 and checked on the price.

I chatted with the fellow on duty and asked him the best price they had.

Since I had looked at prices earlier I knew about where to expect it, so when he gave me a quote I wasn’t too surprised.

He had a list that I observed had other hotels and their prices on it and it also had a price for “Us.”

When I asked him about the list he said that they called the other motels and got their rates for that night.

There was a discrepancy on the price they were charging versus the “Us” rate so I asked him about that.

He indicated that it was the price the manager told them to tell the other motels when they called for their price.

He explained that they had one price they told their customers and another that they told their competitors that they were charging their customers..

My comment was, “So you lie to them.”

He said, “No, I just tell them what the manager tells me to.”

To which I replied, “So the manager tells you to and you lie to them.”

To make a long story less long and tedious, I went to the Travelodge which was the next lowest on his list and asked for their price.

Dolores, the gal in charge when I arrived, gave me their price which was what I had expected from the Motel 6 list.

I mentioned what had happened and she said she wasn’t surprised and offered to match the Motel 6 price.

Some would say that the Motel 6 practices “shrewd business practices” but quite frankly, I would rather reward honesty than being shrewd any day.

Perhaps that is because it sounds so close to “being screwed” and I try to avoid that.

So, thumbs up and my travel money to the Travelodge for honestly being the second best price (and matching it based on my word alone – funny how honest people also tend to be trusting!) the exit.

And to Motel 6?  Well in my book you can just keep the light on.

Check out the photos from my comfortable, Travelodge room.

Thanks Dolores!

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  1. You are in Sarnia?

    I did not know this!


    I pass through here off and on and would love to meet you sometime!


    I came in through Sarnia last night but am heading back through Detroit today as there is a Steampunk event tonight.

  2. lol next time you come through let me know , you can stay here in town

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