The Weird Review’s Interview with Author and Screenwriter – Blake Northcott

Blake Northcott, Author of Vs. Reality

Blake Northcott, Author of Vs. Reality

This past weekend I had the opportunity to interview Blake Northcott in her Ontario home.

This lovely lady is a brilliant writer and a delight to chat with.

While this was her first interview, I wouldn’t have known it had she not said it at the start.

She is the author of the popular book Vs Reality that is in pre-production with Retribution Pictures and is set to go into production in 2013.

During our interview Blake discussed her background, her current and future projects and even gave us a little glimpse into her childhood and the roots of her love for writing and traveling.

To give you an idea of the excitement surrounding this lady, Sunday I did a quick bit of work for my staff to take a look at and I got an email from my composer.

Rob wrote that, while it was a good choice of intro music (his of course!) but that he had been working on something more suitable.

Later I got intro and exit cue music entitled, “Blake’s Theme” (Blake’s Theme?  I don’t get a “theme.”  Nobody else gets their own “theme” so why does she get a theme?  Watch the video, read the book.  She is worth it!

Vs. Reality (The Vs. Reality Series on Amazon)

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed our chat and, oh, yes.  She did indeed change to have her picture taken for the interview.  Funny how giving a lady Mardi Gras beads will inspire her to change her clothes for the picture.

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  1. The above Blake told me I had to comment if I felt adventurous, and by Jingo, if I am not getting that urge to white-water raft.
    So…I very much enjoyed the interview (well done to all involved), love the setting complete with Marvel minis, and for anyone who hasn’t read Vs.Reality, it is well worth picking up, especially in the run up to Volume 2 coming out.
    And I am not being paid to say that. Honest.

    And if I’d known about that mardi gras bead thing sooner…

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