George Strayton on Garycon and I-Con

Gary Con was great. I spent several hours with Jim Ward, who is one of the nicest, most creative, and most passionate veteran game designers in the world. I didn’t take many photos (and none that include myself, unfortunately.)

The above picture from Gary Con that includes the camera used by the people making the documentary on D&D (for which I’ve been interviewed) which you can find at

This biggest news of the I-CON weekend was that I was both honored and astounded to win the 2012 Innovative Game Design Award from I-CON 31 for THE SECRET FIRE.  I, of course, dedicated the award to E. Gary Gygax, the true innovator in game design.

So definitely check out the Dungeons and Dragons Documentary and while you’re at it check out The Happy Problem – my wife’s band for some great music and a free download!

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