Master of Marketting, Lloyd Kaufman, does it again!

Lloyd Kaufman, Stacie Ant, and Shameless, Tasteless!

In a masterful marketing move, Lloyd Kaufman has made 18 full length, feature movies available on YouTube for free!

Reading the PR this evening reminded me of an old Saturday Night Live skit about the Change Bank where you could change a $5 for five ones, or 4 ones and 4 quarters or…  You get the point.  And people ask how the change bank makes money?  By volume, of course!

The new Troma Movie Channel on Youtube has classics such as The Toxic Avenger, Terror Firmer, Monster in the Closet, and others and they are all FREE!

As I write this I am watching The Toxic Avenger on Youtube.  It is definitely not for mom as it has nudity, violence, and coarse language so not her cup of tea but she would approve of the free part! 😉

So quick, before Lloyd comes to his senses, catch some free, full length movies on the Troma Movies channel!

Also, if you are in the New Jersey this weekend, make sure you catch Tromadance for more free movies!

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