On the Count of 3 and Shock ‘N Awesome – The Truth is Out there (Way, way, way out there!)

Dean Haglund at Starbase Indy 2011

Dean Haglund at Starbase Indy 2011

Recently I became aware of a couple neat projects going on that sounded like a lot of fun and they keep getting better.  Artist, Writer, and actor Dean Haglund from The X-Files and other shows has a Kick Starter to pay for the production of his graphic novel and on Indiegogo,  Christopher Coffel and Brett O. Walker are doing an action comedy.

 If you are an X-Files fan, Dean’s project sounds like a fun ride and if you like buying those paper bag surprise packages they have a at some stores just to find out what’s inside, you may not be able to restrain yourself from kicking in a few buck$ towards Deans Kickstarter just for curiousity’s sake!  Among other prize support, for only $23, Dean says he is giving “a surprise gift! I’m just saying I got a lot of leftover swag from my years on the X-Files.”

I have no idea what will be in the envelope that Dean sends, but I am a bit geeked out to see. For those who participate in Dean’s Kickstarter, I would love to see what you get too, so when it comes, if you take a picture of yourself holding the surprise premium you get from Dean and send me the pic and I will post on my site.

I saw On the Count of 3 when Mark Stolaroff mentioned it and I kicked in $10 for a “Thank you” on the film at that point.

Later I heard that The Weird Review’s Indie Inspiration of 2011, Lloyd Kaufman, was not only endorsing it but he is starring in it!

On the Count of 3 falls into the category of “Not for Mom” which is to say that most kids now watch R rated movies all the time while my mom would have problems with the language.  For Lloyd Kaufman fans, this is too good to miss.

They upped the ante after I kicked in and for only $30 you get a postcard, a copy of the movie on DVD when it is done, and an Executive Producer credit on the film!  I had chipped in for $10 when I first heard about it but when I heard that I had to kick in another $20 to bring me up to the contribution level for that!

So check out  On the Count of 3 and Shock ‘N Awesome

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