The Airship Neverland flies at The World Steam Expo!

Jon Magnificent, John White, and the cast of the Airship Neverland at the World Steam Expo

Jon Magnificent, John R. White, and the cast of the Airship Neverland at the World Steam Expo

Michael Shea has been telling me for months about the exciting project he has been working on, The Airship Neverland.

John R. White has spun a Steampunk retelling of  J.M. Barrie’s “Peter and Wendy.”  Joining forces with a delightful cast to give voice to his characters, Mr. White is bringing his Steampunk story to life.

To add additional beauty and drama he pulled in award winning musician and composer, Jon Magnificent, to compose the musical setting of the work.

For a little taste of the story, here is the author, John R. White, reading from the book.

You will also enjoy John Magnificent’s composition for When Tink Meets Peter!

To catch Mr. White, The Airship Neverland cast, and Jon Magnificent, come the The World Steam Expo at the Dearborn Hyatt in Dearborn, Michigan now (5/25/2012) through Monday.  Jon will be performing Sunday after Steam Powered Giraffe and will be followed by Abney Park.  Three of the many performances you won’t want to miss!

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