The Steam Powered Giraffe Wows the Crowd at The World Steam Expo!

Me and part of the Steam Powered Giraffe crew as they waited for their ride to the airport.

Me and part of the Steam Powered Giraffe crew as they waited for their ride to the airport.

They say that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.  In the case of the musical performance group, The Steam Powered Giraffe, that step was setting up a Kickstarter to be able to travel from San Diego to The World Steam Expo in Dearborn and back.

Several months back the group put out a call to their fans for $3,000 travelling money via kickstarter and their fans blew that goal out of the water.  They raised over $10,000 and were a huge success at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan this past weekend.

Before the weekend started the musical performance group was relatively unknown to many attendees of this amazing steampunk convention.

Now the group has graced the ears and treated the eyes of the attendees to a spectacular show and the Dearborn Hyatt was buzzing with newly won fans who couldn’t get enough of the Steam Powered Giraffe.

The Steam Powered Giraffe put on an amazing show of melodious music with delightful choreography wowing the audience who crowded around the performers after the show, clamoring for handshakes, photo ops, and ultimately cleaning them out of all their merchandise.

So if you managed to miss their performance at the World Steam Expo, watch them on Youtube and give them a listen and you will understand why the crowd went wild.  Then check out the interview I did with some of them as they chilled in the hotel while waiting for their ride to the airport.

 The Weird Review interview with  The Steam Powered Giraffe

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