Coming Soon: Goodies Galore!

Coming soon, the Vs. Reality sequel Relapse!
Coming soon, the Vs. Reality sequel Relapse!


Coming soon, the Vs. Reality sequel Relapse!

Coming soon, the Vs. Reality sequel Relapse!

Looking at the calendar I saw that Blake Northcott’s new sequel to Vs. Reality should be out soon.  I checked in with her and she tells me that, even as I write this, it is in the final stages of editing and should be available June 8th or soon thereafter!

Blake Northcott, Author of Vs. Reality

Blake Northcott, Author of Vs. Reality

Blake Northcott is the delightful and lovely Canadian author of this series and her first book, Vs. Reality, will soon be made into a movie by Retribution Pictures.  According to IMDB, the flick is slated to have a $40,000,000.00 budget which, if I remember right, is double the original budget.   More on Relapse coming soon, but in the meantime, you will want to check out the interview with Blake I did recently, if you haven’t already.

Also from across the border in Hamilton, Ontario there’s more fun going on.


I just saw that comic writer/artist Mike Gagnon of Hammer Studios has a neat Indiegogo project going that is almost over.    It has some awesome perks including a cameo as a zombie (19 left – I took this option!  Who doesn’t want to be a zombie?  🙂 in his upcoming graphic novel The Island of Dr. Morose for only $30 and you also get a full color print of the page!

Another perk is the Classics History Pack of Classics Illustrated Graphic novel Mike worked on, and signed, of course.  You can also get commissioned artwork, a day in the studio, three months of mentoring classes in the studio and they will even turn you into a zombie that plays a role in The Island of Dr. Morose graphic novel!

A neat thing about the studio is they are going to open it up to mentoring so a contribution to the studio will be a contribution to the comic creating community.  Hurry though as there are only 60 hours left as I write this and only one slot open if you want to have the Key Role in the Island of Dr. Morose!

Over on Kickstarter I ran across another interesting campaign of the gaming variety. Shane Hensley’s Deadlands Noir is set in one of my favorite, fantasy cities, New Orleans, Louisiana (if only it were real!) Deadlands Noir is a Pen-and-paper RPG set in an alternate 1930’s where the players deal with the mayhem of mooks, mafiosos, and monsters.

The rewards for backing the project start at PDFs of the books, then cards, books, ceramic poker chips, a special playtest at Gen Con and you can even become part of the game! This kickstarter has 13 days to go and it blew the $8,000 goals out of the water with over $63,000 in pledges!

So check out the projects and fun going on and maybe even get your name immortalized in a comic book!

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  1. Great article…very exciting stuff…..I am glad Blake recently posted about the free download app that let’s those without a Kindle or e-book reader read e-books on their PC. I’ve downloaded it and am looking forwarded to purchasing and reading Vs. Reality and Relapse!

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