Poutine on the Ritz at the Woodstock Onroute!

The Onroute in Woodstock, Ontario!
The Onroute in Woodstock, Ontario!
The Onroute in Woodstock, Ontario!

The Onroute in Woodstock, Ontario!

At the moment I am on my way to Hamilton, Ontario for the Hammer Comics Official Grand Opening Launch Party.  I had to come since I supported his Indiegogo and had a formal invite.

Once again I had to stop at the Onroute in Woodstock for their New York Fries!

I was here earlier this year when I interviewed Blake Northcott and had some fries but this time the “NEW” on their menu caught my eye as I walked up.

For those who have never heard of poutine, it is a Canadian delight for Irish Fast Food addicts like me that comes with French Fries with cheese curds on top and then slathered in a brown gravy.

Tyler, my poutine dog – a huge, delicious hotdog with cheese curds and gravy! – connection, was here to serve and gave me a free sample of the pulled pork!  Pulled Pork Poutine?  Perhaps un petit picante, a powerfully, pleasant prize!

The pulled pork was delicious!

While I ate my free sample that was ample enough to allow time for two people to pass me in the line, I looked over the other newer items on the menu.

I had to try the chicken poutine.  It has an Indian spiciness with tasty chunks of chicken and is a few degrees milder than the pulled pork.

If you have never tried poutine or prefer milder foods it is probably best to stick with the regular poutine, but if you like foods with an Indian flare or a bit of a kick, definitely try the chicken or pulled pork poutine!

If I have the time on the way back I may have to give the Braised Beef a try.  My mouth is watering at the thought already and I haven’t even finished my chicken poutine!

So if you are on the 401 heading east past Woodstock, make sure to stop at the Onroute and say “Hi!” to Tyler for me when you try the poutine!

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  1. lol I have been here for years and still not have aquired the taste for Poutine. You are a Weird One my Friend.

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