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The Hobocon Gang at Shuto Con 2011

The Hobocon Gang at Shuto Con 2011

Ever wonder what would happen if three guys went to Gen Con without any money and begged, borrowed, and bluffed their way without spending a dime of their own?  Me neither. 

If you never have been to Gen Con, this movie will give you a bit of a taste for it.

Never hear of Gen Con?  Well you should have your nerd credentials revoked!  Gen Con is the Uber Geek Con of the world.  It does for nerds what Amsterdam does for drug and sex addicts.  Gen Con bills itself as “The Best Four Days of Gaming!” but you can go there a day or two before the con officially starts and game 24 hours straight through its end without stopping if you have enough caffeine, but it doesn’t stop there.  I have yet to meet a sentient being that couldn’t find something of interest in their activities even if it is knitting or other crafts and there really are a lot of attractive women (many of the vendors employ “booth babes” and there are more gamer geek girls out there than you would think at a con of 32,000+)  The cosplay is excellent, the comedy teams, musicians, and other entertainers are top notch, and for the ultimate gaming experience there is the True Dungeon where you actually walk through a dungeon and encounter the various monsters and puzzles (the fighting is done with disks on a table in almost a shuffleboard fashion.)

If you have been to Gen Con you will enjoy this tale of three naive, small town, gamer geeks who hobo their way through the biggest con on earth for animaniacs, gamer geeks, and nerds of any sort.

It isn’t too hard to imagine how someone could work their way through the cracks and manage to pull the stunt that the Hobocon gang did.  They bluff their way into getting a press pass for free admission and then survive on the kindness of strangers and by trading Hobocon pins or interviews for munchies and occasional cash.

With difficulty they manage to find free lodging after a sleepless first night even though it is a hard floor under a stairwell.

They include some interesting interviews (and extended interviews in the additional materials,) cute special effects (including a musical, animated fly through of the convention center in the special materials and an animated demonstration of the sinus infection one of the members contracted during the project!) and some genuine, small town, imitation, hobo singing.

Cinematographically the movie does for documentaries what The Blair Witch Project did for horror flicks.

While at Shuto Con 2011 (a great, new, first year con in Lansing, Michigan!) this past weekend, the fellows of Hobocon autographed a copy of the DVD  and gave it to me to review.

To show my appreciation to them I am going to give it to the first person that posts a comment to this article and has five of their friends do the same, each promising to watch the movie and post their personal thoughts after they watch it.  I will also send 5 sets of Mardi Gras beads (genuine New Orleans Mardi Gras beads!) for the five friends.

So if you want a free, autographed copy of the movie, post a comment saying, “I want the Hobocon video and I promise to get five friends to watch it with me!” and then have five of your friends post, “I am a friend of {Your name} and I will watch the movie with them and post my opinion of the Hobocon movie afterwards.”  and please, as funny as I am sure it would be, make sure they put your name and not the words “Your name” or they will be disqualified and the next person that posts that they want the movie will get it.

Also check out the My Bloody Wedding article for a similar contest to win that video!

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