Here there be Dragons!


Gold Medalist Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, AKA KungFu-Cious

Gold Medalist Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, AKA KungFu-Cious

According to myths and legends there are many kinds of dragons and it is wise to take great care when interacting with a dragon of any sort.  There is great wealth and wisdom as well as great danger when dragons are involved.

So when a dragon handed me a tome at Anime World – Indianapolis and told me to read it, I took care to follow his direction and have been reading and attempting to assimilate the wisdom contained therein.

Gold Medalist Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, AKA KungFu-Cious and his team of Dragons

Gold Medalist Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, AKA KungFu-Cious and his team of Dragons

The dragon was gold medalist Donald Hyun Kiolbassa, AKA KungFu-Cious and we were at Anime World in Indianapolis.

The book is Discover Your Dragon and it is a quick reading, entertaining, self-help book that highlights Donald’s journey in the Shaolin Temple in China where he goes from being an undisciplined, bully magnet from Chicago to a world class athlete and martial artist.

The lessons of the book are deceptively simple.  He discusses topics from breathing to scheduling and puntuates the importance with stories from his time at the Shaolin Temple.

Repetition of the simpler tasks is an important key he emphasizes as it is the building block to the more complex.  Whether it is repeatedly striking the practice dummies or meditating on a cold, windy, mountain pass, repetition builds the skill to complete an action without thinking about it or being distracted from the task and builds the body, mind, and spirit to move on to more complex tasks.  As I read the book, my mind wandered to thinking about fractal art.  Fractal art is mathematically based where a computer goes through repeated calculations to determine the shape and color of the artwork.  If you were to do it by hand the calculations would be repetitious and boring to no apparent end, but the end results can be beautiful.  Similarly, the simple repetition we go through every day that seems boring and pointless, in the end, with goals in mind, tenacity, and accountability, the results can be amazing!  Check out the book for a quick, fun read, but slow it down and apply the principles and it may change your life!


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