Summer Time Fun – Testing Tasty Treats!

Testing Tasty Treats - A Hole-Lotta Snackin' Goin' on!

Testing Tasty Treats – A Hole-Lotta Snackin’ Goin’ on!

Having had dental work and oral surgery twice in the past few months I have found myself having the excuse to eat more ice cream this year which is perfect for summer time fun and testing tasty treats that the fast food places are running.

As I write this I am sitting at a picnic table strategically located between Burger King and Checkers.  I decided I had to try Burger King’s new taste treat – the Bacon Sundae.   At the moment I am enjoying a Checkers Hole-Lotta and earlier this week I dropped by Wendy’s for their Strawberry Shortcake Frosty Parfait.

When I heard about the Bacon Sundae I thought, “That’s weird!” and then, “I must try it!”

Sometimes a weird food combination can be a delicious new taste experience that we just haven’t tried because it seems too odd to us.  When I first tried ham and pineapple or barbecue chicken on pizza I thought it sounded odd but I loved it.

Carmel, hot fudge and salty, crunchy pecans are great together in a sundae so why not salty, cruchy bacon?  Unfortunately the Bacon Sundae wasn’t love at first bite.  When you put salty pecans in a sundae they have a nice, smooth crunch.  Bacon, on the other hand, is made of striated muscle and fat and the Burger King bacon is a little more on the lean side so it is more of the meat.  You wouldn’t think that would be a bad thing, but meat when it is frozen tends to get hard and it has connective tissue that holds it together, unlike pecans.  So instead of the smooth crunch of a pecan you have more the hard, chewy consistency of a beef jerky.  Instead of a pleasant crunch to puntuate the pleasure it is chewy which is more annoying, especially with a jaw that is still sore from going to the dentist Tuesday.

The Wendy’s Strawberry Shortcake Frosty Parfait was delicious!  If you are expecting actual shortcake in the parfait, the name is misleading as it really doesn’t have shortcake in it.  It has tasty bits of shortbread cookie!  I was expecting a parfait with soggy bits of cake but the shortbread cookie added a pleasant crunch (take note here Burger King!) that stayed crunchy throughout the melty moments of mastication.  The strawberries themselves were fresh with the firmness of life to them rather than the expected, candied strawberries.  That added an extra level of tastiness!

A great old song by Chubby Checker is “A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On!” and the Hole-Lotta follows in its foot steps with a whole lotta tasty goin on!  Checkers has a Layered Sundae where the elements of the tastiness are layered in a sundae bowl but the Hole-Lotta gives it a twist (another great song by Chubby Checker I might add!)  The Hole-Lotta is in a parfait style cup and it has the vanilla twist, soft serve ice cream at the bottom and sides but in the middle it has a core of whipped cheesecake.  They also toss in crunchy bits of graham cracker and strawberries (of the candied, not fresh, variety.)  A tasty treat made complete with the delicious, whipped cheesecake.

For my part it was a close call between Wendy’s and Checkers with Burger King taking an epic fail on this one.  For those who like fresh over candied strawberries, get thee to a Frosty!  On the other hand, I love a good cheesecake so for me Checkers edged out Wendy’s with its creamy, whipped core.  Where was Ronnie McD in all this you ask?  Three drives up and to the left, but I am too bloated to waddle over there at the moment.  To be honest though, when I look at the special treats the others have and see that McD’s really hasn’t added anything intriguing to the McDonald’s summer desert menu, it left me rather cold.  They do have a S’more pie but if I have one real s’more per Summer, I find that its s’nuff.

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