Reminiscing, Photos and Fun at Ikasu Con!

The Voice Actors' panel at Ikasu Con 2012

The Voice Actors’ panel at Ikasu Con 2012

This past weekend I had the pleasure of returning to Ikasu Con, the first Anime convention I ever attended.

Originally I had planned to take a two week vacation and head west for some landscape photography.  You know, mountains, valleys, trees, and maybe a big canyon or a geyser.  As things happen, things happened and I cancelled my plans.

So I had planned to just do some nature photography around Michigan over the weekend.  Again, things happened and there was a huge storm front coming in that ended up taking out the telecom at the office for almost two weeks.  Suffice it to say I decided outdoor shooting wasn’t in the cards and looked on the internet.

Since it was Summer, most of the events online were outdoor events.  One event popped up that did look interesting.  An anime convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It was a reasonable distance and sounded like fun, after all I had seen Ranma 1/2 and other anime in my brother’s video collection.

So I went on Priceline and booked a room for the night.  When I arrived I had folks practically jumping in front of my camera.  As I wrote that I had to say, there were actually folks jumping in front of my camera as I think about it.  Ikasu Con was my first Anime Con and my first experience with Photo Bombers.

The attendees at Ikasucon 2012 were aglow with excitement!

The attendees at Ikasucon 2012 were aglow with excitement!

I loved the energy and excitement of the event and when I chatted with one of the masquerade judges, Alena from And Sewing is Half the Battle, she told me that if I liked the con I should attend Gen Con the following weekend.  I drove away from Ikasu Con with a warm heart and a fondness for event photography.

The following week I attended Gen Con and from there went on to other events and on to work for an internationally acclaimed photographer, Syndey Byrd (Currently in Antwerp, Belgium for a gallery showing of some of her photos) who had apprenticed under Ernst Haas (in 1958 according to Popular Photography he was voted one of the top ten photographers in the world by an international panel of hundreds of magazine editors and photographers.)  I’ve lost track of how many events I have attended and have put over 100,000 clicks on my Canon 7D and am heading towards 200 videos on Youtube.

It has been an interesting ride and it isn’t over and I owe a lot to a fun, unplanned weekend at Ikasu Con.

This year it was great to see Sonny Strait and his band White Girl have their premiere performance at Ikasu Con and to catch a lot of smiling faces in fun costumes.  Later I shot some video at their dance and set it to music from the White Girl CD I picked up after the concert.

Samurai Dan and Jillian were also there giving another amazing performance!

For more pics from Ikasucon 2012 check out the photo gallery.

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