Eyeshine Shines at Gimme the Gig!!!

Jumping for Joy with Eyeshine at Anime-ZING!

Jumping for Joy with Eyeshine at Anime-ZING! 2012

Eyeshine is one of my favorite con bands and I am always excited to be going to an event where they are going to be singing.

They blow the roof off the concert halls with their rock concerts and then follow up later with an acoustic concert.

Since they usually are flying in they often are using borrowed instruments and in a pinch will even jury rig what they can’t borrow.  One of my favorite acoustic concerts was at Anime-ZING! 2011 when Eyeshine was playing without drums and Maurice was using a roll of duct tape on top of the speaker box as seen in the following video.

Back in June I had the opportunity to chat with them at Anime-ZING! 2012 where things got a little crazy in a fun way.  Maurice showed his super powers.  If you haven’t checked out that interview, check it out and then watch them as they win a recording session with Don Was, the Grammy Award Winning producer in round two of Gimme the Gig!

Watch now as the finalists for the recording session with Don Was hear the final decision!

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