Beyond Twilight – in the Denim of Good and Evil…

Beyond Twilight
Beyond Twilight
Beyond Twilight

 Nyxiin the Vyxiin wearing only a good “Evil Genius Apparel” t-shirt

This past weekend while I worked on photos from Go! Daiko-Con a friend of mine came online and we had an interesting chat.  He was inviting me to have my articles featured on his local site.  I indicated that I wasn’t inclined to do so as his works tend to have a strongly political flavor.

He disagreed with me and we had a long, interesting discussion wherein he tried to convince me that his opinions were neither liberal nor conservative but they are just right (as in correct while those who disagree with his opinion are apparently incorrect) and in the process I was able to get several hundred photos online in the process.

Some would exhort me to stand up and be counted (amongst those that agree with them, of course!) but the trouble is I tend to disagree with everyone and did they only know my opinion they would all likely encourage me to sit back down and be a good fellow.

To show that I really am not without opinions I decided to address an issue that has long irritated me and wish to take my stand as being Pro-Denim.

The lovely Sage Runeshine displays the "good" cotton t-shirt vs. the "evil" denim cotton pants

The lovely Nyxiin the Vyxiin displays the “good” cotton t-shirt vs. the “evil” denim cotton pants

I find it ridiculous to find that there are businesses and institutions across America where the material Denim is outlawed as unprofessional.  Even more humorous is where they have special days where it is allowed.  If it is unprofessional nine days out of ten, why is it ok the tenth day?  Slapping, spitting, kicking, and otherwise belittling and ridiculing your customer/client are unprofessional behaviors and I will avoid the business/institution that has “Spit on our customers day” or “Slap your client day.”

So what is it about denim that we have placed the label “unprofessional” on it?  Is denim inherently evil?  Is there some demonic shadow that lurks in the darkness?

If we take a stroll back into the crypts of time, perhaps we can find the demon in its lair.  I am not a weaver but it is my understanding that the way that denim is fabricated makes for a very strong material and also saves on the dye.  This made for an inexpensive material that was durable and well suited for farm workers, cowboys, travelers, and anyone that could only afford one or two pairs of pants.  In effect, denim was the material of choice for the poor.

So what is the specter that lurks in the dark history of denim?  Inexpensive?  Durable?  Choice of poor people?  Oh, yeah, there really isn’t anything inherently evil about denim.  Its the, “Them ain’t yer Sunday go ta meeting trousers, they’s the clothes of socially inferior folks who ain’t got but one pair!” attitude due to the association of denim with poverty and the “lower class” in general.  So while it is no longer politically correct to express our disdain of those who are “inferior” to us, we still love to be able to express our superiority and cling to the prejudice against wearing denim.

So I will happily stand up and defend the right of my denim wearing friends to wear denim.  As for myself?  I have to pass.  Denim is too expensive for me!

Kyle of Evil Genius Apparel in his evil lair of t-shirtiness...

Kyle of Evil Genius Apparel in his evil lair of t-shirtiness…

Oh, in case you are wondering, dear reader, the photo shoot was for a friend who owns Evil Genius Apparel.  Though I am not getting paid for the mention, I am sure he would appreciate likes on the Evil Genius Apparel Facebook and Nyxiin the Vyxiin’s Facebook as well!

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