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Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore at C2E2

Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore at C2E2

 While at C2E2 (The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) I had the opportunity to meet Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore and learn about their comic “FOOTPRINTS” they are self-publishing.

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We interupt this post with an emergency update from Joey Esposito

“Hey everybody,

We’ve only got 30 days left, so if ever you wanted to get on your soapboxes and shout to the world about Footprints, this is your chance! We need everyone that has a stake in this project to get the word out there. Believe me, the world will be better for having a fully produced Footprints in it.

Meanwhile, I was interviewed on The Weekly Pull Podcast (http://theweeklypull.com/?p=29) last week, where I talk all about Footprints and Kickstarter. It’s the first segment of the show, but be sure to be listen to the entire thing anyway for a lot of great insight on the comic book world.

Thanks everyone!” 

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Footprints is in the noir, detective genre but I have to say at the outset, the storyline, characters, and artwork take a turn towards the weird which is to say that I loved it.

The cast includes the main characters Big Foot (Foot to his friends), the Jersey Devil, the Loch Ness monster, a Megalodon (super shark of prehistory) and the Chupacabra who have come out of the closet, as it were, in the early 1900s and are now members of society.  The storyline begins with the detective, Foot, getting a letter from his brother Yeti and finding him dead in his lair.  He calls together several of his friends Jersey, Nessie, Don, and, Choop  to assist him in his investigation of his brother’s murder.  The interactions between the characters offer a humorous twist with Don and Nessie apparently in a romantic relationship and Don being rather protective of Nessie.  Nessie is the only female among the group and I am finding her character particularly interesting.  Comments from Foot and others suggest she can alter her size (Foot – “Looks like you’ve gotten better at shiftin’ your size.”) and shape (comments from characters suggest she is the Mata Hari of the book, able to obtain information through sexual liasons to the dismay of Don, “You simply mustn’t lie with another.  I fear my soul could not bear it.” which suggests to me she can shift shape and have relations with other species.)  I could be entirely wrong in my thoughts on Nessie, but I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series to find out what other weird twists there are to these interesting characters. 

The cover artwork is in cooler tones with black, shades of browns, and blues and the internal work is all black and white which works well for me as the story is dark and the places and characters are cold in nature (the Artic, Don and Nessie are sea creatures, etc.)  In the midst of the darkness the story flashes to a humorous scene from before the old gang broke up where Foot was shooting a pic of the rest of the gang and it included his brother Yeti with an afro and a leisure suit.

As I said at the outset of this post, they are self-publishing the four part comic and trade paperback but perhaps I should say they are Fan Publishing the work via Kickstarter.  Via Kickstarter fans are pledging their money to finance the project.  For as little as a one buck pledge they will give a digital copy of the first issue and for just $10 you can get the real thing autographed in print plus digital copies of issues 2-4.  The premiums go up to the $1,000 level where you can get your “likeness immortalized as a supporting character in an issue of Footprints, along with everything in the $500 level and a dozen roses.”  I enjoyed the first issue enough that I highly recommend that you go to their Kickstarter site and watch the video and check out the premiums.  I put my money where my mouth is and pledged enough to get autographed copies of all four issues and the trade paperback as well as a listing in the Thank You section of the Trade Paperback and other goodies.

So hit their site and watch the video.  I have a couple extra autographed copies of “FOOTPRINTS” #1 to give away so if the comic sounds good, sign on and post a comment to this article saying, ‘I want “FOOTPRINTS” and I will post my thoughts on it after I read it!” and I will give it at random to one of the first five people (a D10/2 most likely 🙂 that post this to my site.  The second comic giveaway will come later.

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  1. Hi Zack! Welcome to the site!

    Footprints is a fun book and it looks like I will be sending it to you along with an autographed pic of Robert Axelrod and a couple books autographed by Studio Foglio.

    Thanks for coming by!

  2. Went and checked it out, seems like an interesting series. And I applaud whoever dished out the grand for their likeness being immortalized and the roses. Classy. Also noticed my birthday on one the pages in the video.

    Anyhow, I would like a copy of Footprints and will gladly offer my opinions and thoughts afterwards.

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