The Weird Review interview with Laura E. Tommervik of Wizards of the Coast

Laura E. Tommervik, Idris and Erin Evans, and Shelly Mazzanoble

Laura E. Tommervik, Idris and Erin Evans, and Shelly Mazzanoble

Thursday afternoon I had the pleasure of chatting with Laura E. Tommervik, the Senior Brand Marketing Manager for the Dungeons and Dragons game at Gen Con 2012.

It was a pleasure chatting with her about Dungeons and Dragons and later in the evening I ran across Laura with the authors Erin Evans and Shelly Mazzanoble.

These three lovely ladies have significant geek credit between the three of them, all being gamers and long time D and D players.

Erin is also one of the six authors that will be writing novels for the new generation of Forgotten Realms coming with D and D next.

As for Shelly Mazzanoble, I remember several years back when I was filling in at the register at one of my brother’s stores and Shelly’s book came in all pink and cutsy.  I picked it up and chuckled at the title, Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress, but found myself ensorcelled by the book itself and before I left the store that day I had purchased it.

So, to say the least, if I had been impressed with Laura’s Geek Creds when I interviewed her, later I was even moreso knowing that these are the ladies she works and plays with.

So check out what this intriguing lady has to say about the new products at Wizards of the Coast!

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