2010 New Con of the Year – The World Steam Expo!

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The 2010 World Steam Expo!


I have seen a number of new conventions of the Sci Fi, Anime, gaming, and related genres popping up but in my estimation (and in this case that is all that matters as it is my site!) the first year convention that rose to the top is the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan.  From Panels to Guests to Music, Dances, and other Entertainment it had all that a good con should and it had it by the Zeppelin load.

For starters, the guests included a couple of my favorites (or more accurately, one of my favorite couples!) two time Hugo winning sci fi/fantasy author/artists Phil and Kaja Foglio of Studiofoglio.com and girlgeniusonline.com (definitely worth the read!)

Evelyn Kriete and G.D. Falksen were also guests at the con.  G. D. Falksen is a well know author and Evelyn?  As she says on jaborwhalky.net, “I am Evelyn and I do many many things.”  Evelyn is a little lady but in the Steampunk world she is HUGE.  From what I can tell, she has her fingers in everything anywhere that is Steampunk related from marketing to fashion design to music to movies and books to, well you get the idea.  An amazing yet humble woman.

Then there’s creator and star of Repo the Genetic OperaTerrance Zdunich, who played the Grave Robber in the movie and writes and illustrates the horror comic The Molting.  Check out his personal site to find out more about him, watch the animatic on the site, and make sure you click on the roaches to learn interesting cockroach facts!

Most conventions have only one or maybe two musical guests but the World Steam Expo was loaded with talent!  Among those performing were Abney Park, The Gypsy Nomads (now known as Frenchy and the Punk!), The Extraordinary Contraptions, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, and The Bawdy Boys.  Also performing were The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow and the lovely and exquisitely enticing ecdysiast Hayley Jane!

There were also panels by various presenters such as Aegis Consulting including  knife throwing and tying up, um, prisoners in a comfortable and fashionably artistic manner and the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron’sZepherus Girls event where they chose who would be their next Cabin boy.

To top it off there was formal ballroom dancing, rave dancing, and Steampunk cosplay at the convention center and at Greenfield Village!

If you love great entertainment, cosplay, and great people, come to the 2011 World Steam Expo this Memorial Day weekend and in the meantime here are a few pics from the 2010 convention but go to my other site for more World Steam Expo photos.

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