The Weird Review Interview with Dead Dick Live at the All Niter!

Dead Dick Hammer and the TBA Band live, er, undead, at the All Niter!

Dead Dick Hammer and the TBA Band live, er, undead, at the All Niter!

It seems almost oxymoronic to speak of a Zombie band playing live in concert but Saturday night Dead Dick and the TBA band performed live, or, maybe dead in concert.

I asked Dead Dick what his band name was and he said it was the TBA band.  The band name is TBA because they let their fans decide what they will be called at their concerts so their name is “To Be Announced” at the concert based on the votes of their fans.

Their variable name is due to the fact that, since they died in 1957, they don’t remember what their band name was so they just go with what their fans want.

I didn’t see the death certificates so I can’t guarantee the veracity of his claim, I can say that it was a pleasure to chat with him.

From the name and the genre it could easily be assumed that Dead Dick and the TBA band sing and play songs that are related to death, zombies, undead, and the horror genre in general.  If you concluded that their music was raunchy Rock and Roll with an undead theme, well, yup.  That about sums it up, so if you are one for the Rock and Roll with a Zombie ambiance, you will love Dead Dick and the TBA band.

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