These Are the Geeks You’re Looking For!

Having a ball at the Geek Prom with Mark Stolaroff

Having a ball at the Geek Prom with Mark Stolaroff

The 70th World Science Fiction Convention, World Con, is now in full throttle in Chicago, which also makes it the 7th Chicon.

Last night was the Geek Prom and folks were in their finest, or their geekiest and those who were the most prepared, of course, had their towels readily available.

Mark Stolaroff with his Geek Prom Date!

Mark Stolaroff with his Geek Prom Date!

For those who couldn’t bring a date to the dance, they had dates standing by!  For those who don’t recognize the lucky fellow with the princess here, Mark Stolaroff is the producer of the award winning Sci Fi thriller PIG which will be playing Sunday at 5 p.m. (Editor’s note: Pig won the Best S & F feature in the ChiCon7 film festival, for the tenth film festival win for the movie and its producer, Mark Stolaroff.  The World Science Fiction convention is also the home of the Hugo Awards for Science Fiction which were awarded Sunday Night.)

Sci Fi fans young and old were there to have fun with their favorite fans and fandoms.

The parties at Chicon 7 seem to go all night.   On Thursday and Friday nights and they were still going strong at 3 a.m. and later on Saturday and Sunday.  One of the many free parties after the Geek Prom was for the Guilde des Couturieres, a Terry Pratchett fan group.  The above display is of the crest of the Anhk-Morpork guild of the ladies of negotiable affection and the motto is roughly translated, “No Good Times Without Money” or “No Pay, No Play.”

The ambiance beautiful and the people were great.  This kind lady, surprisingly from Grand Rapids, Michigan even gave a pleasant back massage with the contraption she is holding in the picture.

At most conventions the typical fare is Subway or other fast food but at World Con they had trucks vending delicious foods like this wonderfully flaky, tasty meat pie.  Check in here for more pics from World Con, and yes, these really are the Geeks you’re looking for.  It is printed on their poster so it must be true!

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  1. Awesome! I hope you don’t mind the quick edit I did you your comment and thanks for getting me to the Con Suite! I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers! I meet more nice people that way! 😀

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  3. Thank you for the fabulous Prom photos. You,sir, are the best. Love and kisses!

  4. This is the guy who sat and talked to you about and online stuff before disappearing. We also found you and showed you where the con suite was.

    We are happy to see that you made it back to your hotel in one piece.

    You said to contact you to get copies of the pictures you took of us outside the Geek ball.

    I hope you have them, as the vif really wants to make xmas cards this year.

    You said to contact you, and I made a sick joke about using the contact form.

    Well, it turns out I am using the contact form and you now have all my info.

    Anyways, 1 thing– if you want to talk about anything we talked about at the geek ball, just contact me at *Email Deleted – go to and contact him there and check out his site while you are at it. He will appreciate that don’tcha know?* I will try to answer without any bullshit, though in many areas you are way past us.

    Ok, this has ran on long enough.

    If it is at all possible, can we get copies of the pictures you took of me and my wife at the geeks ball. That would be awesome.

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