The Weird Review interview with writers Todd Gallowglas and Brian Buhl

The 2012 Hugo Winners pose for a group photo

The 2012 Hugo Winners pose for a group photo

The World Science Fiction Convention hosts thousands of Science Fiction fans and many Science Fiction authors and aspiring authors of many levels of success.  Some of them were there as Hugo nominees and some were there as winners but all served as inspirations to writers such as Todd Gallowglas and Brian Buhl.

Todd Gallowglas is a story teller who got his start spinning yarns at Renaissance festivals and continues to tell stories that have him rising to the top Amazon’s best seller list.  Todd and Brian are friend going back to when they were kids and Brian is also a creative minded gentleman.

When we first started chatting I asked Brian if it was his first World Con.  It was his second and he went on to relate to me how profoundly his first World Con effected him.  He had been working in a job where he was overworked and underpaid.  After World Con 2011, he decided it was time to look for a job where he would be able to spend time writing rather than programming.  He resolved to begin writing and in short order had a new job where he works less hours but makes more money and is able to regularly devout time to his writing.  I loved that story and had to do an interview with these two delightful gentlemen.

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