Interviews from Grand Rapids Thriller! Chiller! film festival

Adam Lamas at the Thriller! Chiller! "Empty House" Q & A
Adam Lamas at the Thriller! Chiller! "Empty House" Q & A
Laura Mancini at the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival

Laura Mancini at the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival


This past weekend was the Thriller! Chiller! film festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan and once again they kept the audiences entertained with some fantastic Science Fiction, Horror, and Thriller features and shorts.

Some of the producers, directors, and actors made the pilgrimage to the historical Wealthy Theater to represent their films and we had the pleasure of interviewing a few of them.

Laura Drake Mancini was one of the actors in the Science Fiction, time travel comedy, “Own Worst Enemy” as the girlfriend from the possible future timeline to be avoided. She is also a writer and was an associate producer on the film “The Crooked Eye.”  It was a pleasure to chat with Laura and she is also quite a dancer.


Empty Rooms by Adam Lamas kept the audience jumping.  Our staff musician, Rob Antecki, was on hand for the Thriller! Chiller! and sat in for the interview with Adam Lamas.  Rob says, “‘Empty Rooms’ is the best horror flick he has seen in years.”


Our final interview was with writer, producer, director, actor, and Jack of all trades, Vishnu Seesahi of the film Candid.  Candid is a dark thriller about a voyeuristic photographer who meets a model that seems to be on the edge.  Too late he discovers that she is well beyond the edge, a psychotic, serial killer, and that she has drawn him beyond the point of no return.  Candid is not a movie that meekly asks you to suspend disbelief but rather one that presents a very grim possibility and dares you to doubt it.

Check out the Candid website to watch the movie and for a chance to win a Canon 5D mark III!

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