The amazing end to Larry Elmore’s Kickstarter – The Dragons are coming!

Larry Elmore's Kickstarter is over with an amazing ending
Larry Elmore's Kickstarter is over with an amazing ending
Larry Elmore's Kickstarter is over with an amazing ending

Larry Elmore’s Kickstarter is over with an amazing ending

At 11:00 a.m. on 12/31/2012 Larry Elmore’s Kickstarter project, “Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook (Hardback)” came to an amazing end.

His project became the second highest funded project in Kickstarter’s Publishing category.

Mr. Elmore’s project raised $299,914, well beyond his goal of $17,500. Mr. Elmore said, “The Kickstarter is OVER and it was crazy!!! I can’t believe it, it was so FANTASTIC! I thank ALL of you for the unbelievable support!!!” and “this Kickstarter Campaign, it has overwhelmed me, surpassed my wildest dreams and left me very humbled.”

The Kickstarter rewards ranged from a hand drawn “Dragon Doodle” for $25 to the original artwork for the book that went for $10,000 and which has yet to be painted.

Folks that kicked in for Mr. Elmore’s book which will cover forty years of his fantasy artwork can look forward to seeing the book with a projected date of August of 2013.

Those that missed out on the Kickstarter but who still want the book can purchase a limited edition retail copy of the book can get it for the retail price of $80 through his website.  This version won’t come with the additional Kickstarter bonuses and it will be limited to 250 copies and the offer ends on January 31, 2013 so don’t delay if you missed the Kickstarter and have a Happy New Year!

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