The Halloween and Attractions Show – A Haunting Experience!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Halloween and Attractions Show in Saint Louis, Missouri.  What’s the best description of the show?  In a word – WOW!!!  I got a sneak peek at some of the most amazing horror, haunting, attraction gear for 2011.

 The exhibitions ranged from the Medieval to the very evil with a whole lot of fun in between.  



There were various bodies and body parts, body painting (European Body Art, Liquid Latex Fashions,  and Graftobian), blacklight bubbles, inflatables, masks, mascots, monsters, mutilations, and miscellaneous madness and mayhem.



Tomak Julian Baksik of Nethercraft Statuary was there with his amazing architectural artwork that’s been used in the movie Zombieland, a museum Egyptian exhibition, the Playboy Mansion, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and various other places and events.



Among my favorite things at the tradeshow was the dark room where there were some of the scarier elements of the show.  Some were mechanical haunts and others were costumes of sorts.  The costumes included some fun furniture like the chair that will grab you when you sit in it and then get up and walk away when you get off of it or the grandfather clock that looks normal until it decides to walk away and you see a glowing face in the face of the clock.  My overall favorite in the dark room was next to the grandfather clock.  There was a coat rack with a couple coats and a hat on it that harmless until the arms of the coats stretched out and the hat popped up revealing a frightening face.  Similarly there were tattered curtains behind the hat rack that would pop up revealing a spectral figure.  It wasn’t gory like a lot of the exhibits but it was scary fun!

If you enjoy these photos from the Halloween and Attractions Show, go to the photo album on my other site for more fun!

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