Flynn and Rager at Anime-SPARK! 2011

Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager at Anime - SPARK!
Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager at Anime - SPARK!


Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager at Anime-SPARK!

Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager at Anime-SPARK!

Ever wonder what would happen if Doc Brown (Back to the Future!) and The Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis) got together? 

Me neither, but if they did, I am sure it would be sheer madness! 

This past weekend at Anime-SPARK! I had the pleasure of meeting Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager, as well as attending their historic first joint panel. 

At a glance, you might expect Quinton to be the “straight man” but when you put two voice actor/comedians together appearances are deceiving and, well, lets just say I missed several good pics because my camera was shaking too hard from the laughter. 

From discussing their thoughts on the entertainment industry and their carreers, to the questions and answers, they kept the audience eating out of the palms of their hands (rather unsanitary but reminicent of a communal cup in religious services I suppose.) 

My favorites were their voices and impersonations which ranged from Timon (Quinton’s role in Lion King) and Johnny Carson to Christopher Lloyd (Jim in Taxi, Doc Brown in Back to the Future, etc.) 

I had the opportunity to stalk, er, talk to Chris sunday evening briefly as the con was winding down. 

I asked Chris what his favorite role was thus far. 

His favorite is Hercule Satan of the Dragon Ball Z cell saga (which they are now updating to meet the specs of the latest technology) for the range of emotions and the depth of the character as well as the opportunity to interject comedy as well as drama in the series. 

When I asked him how long he had been working with Quinton he said it had been their first time but they are exploring the possibility for more joint ventures (I will keep my fingers crossed guys!) 

Chris mentioned that, in addition to over a decade in acting, anime, commercials, video game voices, he is a member of the Section 8 Comedy Troupe. 

The Section 8 Comedy Troupe entertains their audiences with comedic skits, improv, and music

While a bit off the side of “Politically Correct” they are definitely funny, so check them out on their site, Face Book and Youtube! 

To see more photos of Quinton and Chris and Anime-SPARK! 2011, check out the Anime-SPARK! 2011 albums on

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