Fiverr fun: weird and wonderful advertising on the cheap with Mr. Marcus

Juggling fire with a firework on his head?  Fiverr fun with Mr. Marcus!

Juggling fire with a firework on his head? Fiverr fun with Mr. Marcus!

I recently started looking into where folks can offer up services and goods on the cheap and folks with nil to next to nothing can pick up an interesting deal.  The basic services on Fiverr are called gigs and a basic gig is five dollars but many of them have options to increase the gig, make it more complicated, expedite it, etc. for few more gigs.

Some of the deals are fun, some are weird, and some are, well, over the top and funny like Mr. Marcus who does a variety of weird videos for five dollars and for a few buck more you can add more and more to make it really weird.  For instance for five he might pretend to be drunk while saying or singing your company slogan or a birthday wish.

Want him to juggle fire at the same time?  Not a problem!  A volcano firework on top of his head? An additional twenty as those things aren’t cheap!  How about adding riding a 10 foot unicycle while saying/singing your message and juggling the fire clubs?  Please add Forty but it will be very cool.  What about swapping out the fire clubs for a chainsaw?   Again, forty buck more to the gig.

I checked in with Mr. Marcus and asked him if he could just do a mixed video (see below) for me for a Fiverr and an interview as well.

John Collins (JC): Please tell me and my readers what led you to do what you do.

Mr. Marcus (MM): I wanted to travel the world and street performing (aka busking) was a perfect way to do it.

(JC): Please tell me and my readers about your current projects.

(MM):  I have written a book which was published with KoHa Publishing in Germany, I am currently touring around Europe with my show (, and I am currently working on my new show which will involve cooking and comedy and opera music and a motorized beer crate:

(JC): What are your future plans, goals, dreams?

(MM): To sail around the world with my wife.

(JC): Tell us something Weird and wonderful about yourself.

(MM): I luv inspiring people to be happy – that is what my book is about (aka, just do it). live love and be merry. It can be difficult but just start with a smile and take it from there. doing shows has totally changed my life – I have performed in front of the Dalai Lama, traveled on every continent and performed in many many countries around the world.

Funny, after giving myself the name “mr-marcus” and had been performing with it for a few years, I found out there was a very popular porn star with the same name… my colleagues get a kick out of that…

(JC): Please feel free to add any info you would like to close with – youtube channel, etc.

(MM): Here is my site (not to be confused with the porn star) and my youtube video channel.

(JC): Thanks so much for the opportunity to see what fun we can find for five dollars on Fiverr!  Have fun in Europe and come home soon.  America needs all the humor we can get!

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