East meets west at SAUPO

Retribution Pictures CEO and SAUPO guest speaker, John Ceallach at Shriekfest 2011

Retribution Pictures CEO and SAUPO guest speaker, John Ceallach at Shriekfest 2011


This Friday April 19, 2013, the Symposium on Asia-USA Partnership Opportunities will convene at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The symposium is organized by Kennesaw State University and chaired by the university’s Asian Studies Coordinator and Associate Professor of Communication and Asian Studies, Dr. May Gao.

The symposium brings together world leaders in technology, banking, entertainment, medicine, marketing, as well as US and Asian diplomats to discuss the challenges, facilitation, and rewards in global collaboration.

Dr. Gao will open the symposium and then pass the podium along to others, including the Honorable Ajit Kumar, Atlanta’s Consul-General of India.

The keynote speeches will be presented by the Honorable Donald Nay of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Honorable Farooq Kathwari the Chairman and CEO of Ethan Allen Global and Commissioner of the White House AAPI Initiatives.

Throughout the day there will be a number of panels offered.

Dr. Richard Sowell, Professor and Dean at WellStar College of Health and Human Services will moderate the panel on “The Landscape of Global Health: Opportunities and Challenges.”  The panelist for this panel will include Mr. Reynold Jennings, the President and CEO of WellStar Health System, Ms. Alison Kelly, the Chief of the CDC Center for Global Health Workforce Management Office and former Deputy Country Director of the CDC office in China, Ms. Robin Davis, the Executive Director of Global Health Action, Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan, the President of the Apollo Telemedicine Network Foundation in India and Mr. Amit Shukla, Wipro‘s head of Health Practice in the U.S.

Dr. Wesley Johnston, a Professor of Marketing at Georgia State University, will moderate a panel on Bilateral Banking and Finance Opportunities.  The panelists will be Mr. Henry Yu, a Managing Director at Fifth Third Bank, Ms. Jenni Adams, the International Relationship Manager at HSBC Bank, Mr. Kok-Chi Tsim, the Managing Director of International Banking at J.P. Morgan and Mr. Satya Natesan, of Wipro’s Banking and Financial Services.

Dr. Govind Hariharan, the Executive Director of the ICA Institute and Professor of Economics at Kennesaw State University, will moderate a panel on Global Collaboration in Environment and Infrastructure.  Mr. Randy Knott, Senior Vice President of AMEC will speak on Opportunities for American companies Regarding Infrastructure of Asian Countries.  Mr. Kyle Milliken, PMP at Enercon Services, Inc. will cover Environmental Issues in China and the Rise of Nuclear Power.  Mr. Nicholas Albergo, the President & CEO of HSA Engineers & Scientists, will address the topic, Our Experience of Engineering in Asia.  Mr. Nitin Shah, Chairman and CEO of Embassy National Bank, will speak on The Inside Story: A Look at FDI in India’s Hotel Industry.

The panel Challenges for Investment in Asia, will be moderated by Dr. Penelope Prime, a Professor of International Business at Georgia State University.  Mr. Scott Ellyson, the President & CEO of East West Manufacturing, will address the Challenges of Doing Business in Asia.  Mr. Roger Neuenschwander, the President of tvsdesign will speak on the Hurdles in Vietnam for Your Business. The Symposium Chairman, Dr. May Gao, will discuss Culture Determines Business Models: Analyzing Home Depot’s Failure in China for International Retailers from a Communication Perspective.  The final session of this panel is on East Meets West: Rethinking Marketing Education in the Era of Globalization.  Presenting in this session are Dr. Leila Borders, Associate Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales at Kennesaw State University, Dr. Guichun Zong, Professor of Education at Kennesaw State University, and Dr. Wesley Johnston, Director of CBIM Roundtable and Professor of Marketing at Georgia State University.

The panel discussion of the Global Entertainment Industry will be moderated by Dr. Jake McNeill from the Department of Communication at Kennesaw State University.   Mr. John Ceallach, Writer/Producer/Actor, and CEO/COO of Hollywood’s Retribution Pictures, will present on Movie Making as a Business Model of Investment.  Mr. Rowan Gibbs of Turner Broadcasting‘s Cartoon Network Game Studio will present on the Trend of Video Games in Popular Culture.  Professor Sandra Parks, Assistant Professor of Dance at Kennesaw State University and Professor Ming Chen, Professor and Resident Theatrical Designer in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at Kennesaw State University will present on The Heritage of Chinese Dance and Culture.

Mr. Donald Nay from the U.S. Department of Commerce will moderate the panel on The Trans-Pacific Partnership.   Dr. Tony Frye of Piedmont College, and Dr. Francis Schortgen of the University of Mount Union will discuss The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Washington’s “Asia Pivot”: Prospects and Challenges for Deepening Regional Economic Integration, Cooperation, and Competition.  The session on •Employing Best Practices in Trade Compliance for Asia-USA Business will be covered by Dr. Gary Bertsch of the University of Georgia at Athens and Mr. Ken Parris and Mr. Kendall Connell of TradeSecure, L.L.C.  Lida Fitts, the Country Manager for East Asia with the U.S. Trade and Development Agency will inform the attendees on •How USTDA Can Be a Resource for U.S. Companies Wishing to Do Business with Asia.  Students Sangwook Ham and Jae Euk Yoo of the Korean Student Association (Faculty Advisors: Dr. Yanghee Kim & Dr. Kristine Hwang) at Kennesaw State University will present a student perspective with “LOL Korea” – Portal Service for Foreigners Traveling to South Korea.

Professor Tom Pynn of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department at Kennesaw State University will moderate the panel on Asian Ethics, Business, and Education.  Dr. Andrew Wedeman of Georgia State University will speak on The Dark Side of Business with Chinese Characteristics.  Professor Tom Pynn will cover Chinese Ethical Resources for Countering the Dark Side of Business Practices.  Dr. Amy Donahue of the Department of History and Philosophy at Kennesaw State University will speak on Hinduism and Business Ethics.  Dr. Sandra Bird of Kennesaw State University will discuss Integrating Indian Arts in North American Middle School Education.

Dr. Guichun Zong, a Professor of Education at Kennesaw State University, will moderate the panel From FDI to ODI: China and the World.  Ms. Betty Feng of Georgia State University will present on Organizational Cross-Cultural Adaptation Through Social Network: A Multiple-Case Study of Chinese Firms Operating in the United States.  Ms. Olubukola Oshadare of Kennesaw State University will discuss The Perception of “Made in China” Products in Nigeria: Country of Origin Effect.  Mr. Qi Li of Eastern Tennessee State University will cover the Problems and Solutions: On China’s Current Labor Market, Mr. Qi, Li, East Tennessee State University.  Dr. Weixing Chen of East Tennessee State University will conclude this session with The End or Beginning of an Era in China: The 18th Party Congress.

Between the panel sessions there will be breaks to visit the company booths and chat over refreshments.  After the last break the group will reconvene for a round-table discussion on the Trends of Global Technology and Innovation.  Ms. Shelly Riera, the Director of Advertising at AT&T, will moderate the discussion with the panel members Mr. Sandeep Dadlani, the Vice President at Infosys Americas, Mr. David Kirk, the President and CEO of Murata Inc., Mr. Bin Chung, the Vice President of Technology at MAXXIS International, and Dr. Mausumi Bhattacharyya, an Associate Professor at the Centre for Journalism & Mass Communication at Visva-Bharati University.

After the round-table discussion, Mr. Brad Taylor, the Vice President for Customer Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company, will end the formal events of the day with some closing remarks on Engaging Customers in Today’s Globally Connected World.  The event will conclude with Business Networking Opportunities at the SAUPO Cocktail Hour.

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