Bruce Boxleitner & Trevor Crafts: a new ‘Lantern City’ cast member is announced

The Lantern City crew at Her Royal Majesties Steampunk Symposium

The Lantern City crew at Her Royal Majesties Steampunk Symposium


Bruce Boxleitner and Trevor Crafts are the Executive Producers of the upcoming television series, “Lantern City.”

Lantern City” is a ground breaking, steampunk show with top stars in the industry in a snazzy, steampunk setting.

“Lantern City” is in a world parallel to our earth and it is despotic, totalitarian city-state ruled by the Grey family.  The first of the Grey family to rule Lantern City was Isaac Foster Grey who led the city in building walls around the city and setting up military forces to withstand an onslaught that was coming from the north.  After saving the city and the refugees who had sought its safety Mr. Grey accepted continued rule over the city and passed it on to his son.

They will be bringing Mira Furlan, Mr. Boxleitner’s former Babylon 5 co-star, to play the descendant of the original emperor, Martha Grey.

John Rhys-Davies will be playing Desmond Wilhorn and Raphael Sbarge will be playing Kendal Kornick.

A bit of news not yet on IMDB is that  from Farscape, will be playing a role, likely that of Rachel Kierson (Correction: She will be playing the role of Naomi Jones, a rival to Rachel Kierson at Virginie Durand’s finishing school.)

For this and more, scroll down and check out the video interview!

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