Making a splash in Sandusky, Ohio – Colossal Con 2013

Colossal Con 2013
Colossal Con 2013
Colossal Con 2013

Colossal Con 2013

This weekend in Sandusky, Ohio Colossal Con 2013 is making a splash at the Kalahari Resort!

Cosplayers from all over the midwest have converged on the roller coaster capital of the world and are celebrating various genre of animation, video games, and just total and utter geekiness.

The many Homestuck fans will be sure to seek out their favorite cosphotographer, Lance Sabbag of Blue Dragon Media (and on occasion a contributing photographer for The Weird Review) for a photoshoot this weekend.

Colossal Con 2013

Colossal Con 2013

Those athletically inclined currently have the main event room packed for the rave and the formal dancers earlier had the formal ball so overloaded they had to have the dance in shifts with a long line waiting to have a few dances while the earlier group took their dips and turns.

Colossal Con 2013

Colossal Con 2013

While the dancers danced the Pixel Vixens offered foot races in the Pirate Ship Bouncing room for $6.  For their entrance fee the competitors also get a one month membership in the site and if they win the race they get an additional month (warning: is an adult site of web cammery, nerdish nudity, and esoteric erotica – so yeah, this ones not for you mom!)

Steampunk fans will be treated to the tunes of Cincinatti’s premiere Steampunk band Automaton and of course one of the must see events of the weekend will be the Cosplay costume contest Saturday evening.

Of course such an event would be incomplete without the Midwest’s masters of all arts martial and without a doubt this weekend will be full and complete for the attendees who are educated and entertained by Samurai Dan and Jillian.


Capping the weekend on Sunday, will be Vic Mignogna and Star Trek Continues!  For more information on the events and celebrity guests check out the Colossal Con website or just come on down for some fun and stay and play in the amazing water park!

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