Live Action Role Playing at Origins 2013

Larping at Origins 2013

Larping at Origins 2013

This weekend gamers and game companies from all over the country and many nations have descended on Columbus, Ohio for the Origins 2013 gaming convention.

Game manufacturers come to show their wares and premiere their new games and gamers come to play.

New games and old are being demonstrated and sold and players are flocking to their tables.

For those who like table top games the dungeons and dragons genre, Paizo has dozens of sessions of the #1 tabletop roleplaying game Pathfinder.

For those who like to walk into the dungeon and meet the dragon head on, there are LARPs (Live Action RolePlaying games) such as Cici from Nero Chicago who will give you an experience that most folks just can’t get at home in their basements.

Nero is the New England Roleplaying Organization but don’t be confused.  It may have started in New England in 1986 but it is played throughout the United States and Canada and if there’s not one near you, perhaps you should contact them and start one.

Last night after the last session of Nero had been played I had the chance to chat with the lovely Nero player, Cici who is a white tiger/human mix and who has been playing Nero since she was a kid.

Check out the interview with Cici and if you are in the Columbus area stop by and play one of the many LARPs, RPGs, board games, card games and join in the fun!

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