An interview with acoustic artist, Johnny Filth

Record producer and acoustic artist, Johnny Filth

Record producer and acoustic artist, Johnny Filth


Johnny Filth is an acoustic artist and a record producer with his own net label and resides in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.  After chatting with him online a bit I asked him if he would mind doing an interview.  He graciously agreed.

John Collins (JC): What is your background and what led to your desire for a career in music?

Johnny Filth (JF): I working with samples and various other noises started when I was kicked out of school in 8th grade. I was just using the basic Windows recorder program and samples I found online or recorded from in the house. Then for awhile I used a PS3 with the Music Creator game, hooked up to a tape deck, then I’d take those cassettes to a record store where they were transferred to CDs. At one point I was in some kid’s garage band, but mysteriously all the tracks went missing when I left it. For the past couple years I’ve used various computers, like the Macbook I use now.

(JC):  Very cool!  You have mentioned to me some of the interesting things you have going on.  Please tell me about your current projects.

(JF): At the moment my main concentration is on Snowfeeder, with about three or four albums in the works, including one that was just released, Obedience/Starry Wisdom, on As Kvlt As Hell Records, and a single, Babylon Falling, on my own net label. as well as at least one other project, Common People, with my wife that’s in the works, and various other projects in the works. I’m trying to find a bunch of my old material to release, which is quite a bit.

(JC): Where do you plan to go from here?

(JF): To the Crystal Pyramids, they obviously amazing acoustics. Working on different projects with different people, trying to start-up my net label, and further diving into sounds and noises. Maybe even seeing if I can still write anything.

(JC): How about telling me and your fans something weird and wonderful about yourself that your fans wouldn’t already know.

(JF): I would love to open a haberdashery for dogs, as well a shoe factory for kittens.

(JC): Hmmm…  There could be money in that.  Probably not but sounds like fun!  Thanks again for the interview and I wish you the best of luck on the sound art!

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