More Magnificent Music coming from Jon Benton MacKinder!

Jon Magnificent at Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium 2012
Jon Magnificent at Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium 2012
Jon Magnificent at Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium 2012

Jon Magnificent at Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium 2012


Jon Benton MacKinder (aka Jon Magnificent) is a musician of amazing and diverse talent, a brilliant conversationalist, and a very sweet man. He is the winner of 4 Los Angeles Musical Awards and currently up for more, and has had 2 Grammy nominations for his work. His recent song “You Should Be With Me” has broken 300,000 views on youtube in just 4 months since its release the day after Valentines Day. He has lots on his plate but he graciously agreed to take a few minutes to give me an update interview.

John Collins (JC): – First I have to say, WOW!  Congratulations on the song hitting 300,000 views in such a short time! That is an amazing run! Mind telling us a bit about the song?

Jon Benton MacKinder (JBM): – It’s a bit of a heartbreaker and a song about not settling for less than one deserves.

(JC): Were you expecting it to do so well? To what do you credit its success?

(JBM): Yes. From the moment the idea hit me on December 1st, I knew this one was going to be a good one. It’s a song that is very real to people in that situation. It speaks to a very specific emotion. If a person is in that mood, this song hits like a ton of bricks. If they are not in that mood, this song just sounds kinda nice. It’s funny that way.

(JC): You have another project going on that you have been quietly getting support through friends, your facebook page, and such rather than through Kickstarter or Indigogo. Can you tell us about that project?

(JBM): My next song release will be even bigger. I’ve been writing songs since I was very little. I know a great song. This next one is. And so I have written a short sci-fi drama around it, and we’ll be filming that in the third week of June. I feel Kickstarter and such have their place, but not for everyone. And for me, it was a small core group of friends and fans that have always helped me in the past because they know me and my previous work and what I am potentially capable of producing. This one will not disappoint. People who don’t know me or my capabilities, in the past, don’t see me as anything different than any other indie singer-songwriter. Aside from being a trained singer, playing over 20 instruments, majoring in audio engineering in college, being a graphic designer, webdesigner, author, photographer and filmmaker, who has won awards such as Orchestral Composer of the Year (2008), Rock Album of the Year (2010), Rock Artist of the Year (2011), it’s true. I’m just the same as any other indie singer-songwriter out there.

(JC): Are there any perks to helping you out on this project and can folks who aren’t on your Facebook get into this?

JBM): Yes. Previews. The song. The script. The story summary. Behind the scenes photos. And preview of the video before public release. And my gratitude, as a modern artist. This is going to be a big one, folks. I am fortunate to have so many fans along for the ride.
More need to jump on before we release this.

(JC): Thanks so much for chatting with me again Jon and I will look forward to seeing the final results of the project!

For those who haven’t yet seen John’s Youtube hit, check it out and then check out his last music video/story of steampunk sci fy!

If you want to be involved in the music project, friend him on Facebook.

Watch “Swords for Hire!”

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