Barbarian brother, Ken Whitman, Kickstarts a Knight’s Quest

Ken Whitman Games "Knight's Quest"

Ken Whitman is a gentle giant with a creative spirit. He is a gamer with a few decades of Geek credit to his experience including having been the Coordinator of Gen Con and one of the co-creators and co-stars of the web series “Brothers Barbarian.” Last Fall I did a behind the scenes on “Brothers Barbarian” and an interview with Ken.  Ken just came out with a with a new game he has created and has a Kickstarter for it, so it seemed like a good time to get an update on his old and current projects.

John Collins (JC): Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Ken! It is always good to hear from you. How about you start by telling my readers a bit about yourself and showing off a bit of your Geek cred?

Ken Whitman (KW): I started playing D&D in 1981.  In 1987 I submitted a game to a company “X” who still exist today.  Their reply was to quit now because you will never make it in the business.  But 100 products later, I guess I proved that someone who is Dyslexic and suffers from ADD could live out their dreams. In the past 25 years, I have produce over 100 gaming products, including the WWF adventure game, GROO: The game, and The Three stooges card game.

(JC): Very cool! How about an update on “Brothers Barbarian” Season two?

(KW): Season two has been shot and we are adding the special effects right now. We are looking to launch around Thanksgiving this year. Check us out on Facebook, to find out more and check out season one on Youtube.

(JC): Now about this kickstarter you have going? What is that all about?

(KW): I designed a card game, KNIGHT’S QUEST, for my kids.  They liked it so much that they asked me to Kickstart it so they could get a nice product with cool artwork. It plays kinda like Crazy-8’s only you can play combo cards to empty your hand faster.   It has a “Knights of the round table” theme with dragons and magic.

(JC): What are some of the cool rewards for supporting your kickstarted?

(KW): Other then buying the basic game, you can also purchase the original art. We are using Fantasy Arts Jeff Easily, and Peter Bradley. Their work is phenomenal, stop by and check it out.

(JC): One of the sites I write for is The Weird Review and I like to close my interviews by offering the interviewee the opportunity to let our readers know something weird and wonderful about themselves or their projects that their fans might not know. Do you have anything you would like to share?

(KW): When I am not creating games, playing games, producing web shows, and writing scripts I really like to sleep.  I know that sounds weird, but I ring a solid 5 hrs a night gets me through the week so I can go the things I enjoy like creating games, playing games, producing web shows, and writing scripts. 🙂

(JC): Thanks for the update Ken and I will look forward to seeing the final product!

(KW): Thank you good sir!

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