What if the future came early? Temporal tinkering with Michael Taglianetti

“What if the future came early?” Michael Taglianetti and his crew intend to answer that question in the upcoming, steampunk webseries, “Tinker.”  The series will mix amazing artwork, beautiful costuming, and the skills of very talented actors, artists, and special effects professionals in order to bring to life a victorian era alter-verse.  The cast so far includes Johnnie Saiko (costar
of SyFy Channel’s Monster Man) who plays as Sho Tinker, Samantha Surtida plays Kimi Tinker, Julienne Davis (Mandy in Stanley Kubrick’s final film, Eyes Wide Shut) who plays as secret agent Elmira Perkins, Tabitha Marsden plays the Lady Cushing, and Katarina Leigh Waters plays Eldine Herzhaft.  The creator of the series, Michael Taglianetti, was kind enough to take some time out from prepping for beginning production next month for an interview.

John collins (JC): Thanks for agreeing to do the interview with me, Michael

Michael Taglianetti (MT): Thank you for having me.

(JC): You have an interesting web series you are working on but before we talk about that, tell me a bit of your background and how you got into the entertainment field.

(MT): I was in 7th grade when i saw Star Wars. In short, that changed my life. I knew then that i was destined for an FX job in the film industry. I went on to attend the Massachusetts College of Art and Emerson College where I pursued animation, going on to participating in the creation of the clay-animated station ids for MTV. My first solo client as a professional animator was the late Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead.

(JC): Tell us about your new web series.

(MT): The tag line is: “What if the future came early?” this is telling as the environment of “Tinker” is one of alternate history. In the first season story arc, the father/daughter inventor duo, the Tinkers, are hired by a wealthy and eccentric traveler, named Lady Cushing and their services engaged. Their task: to build, from incomplete instructions, a device lost from the Cushing family archives for decades: the X Engine, a device that will provide free and abundant power to the masses. But there are obstacles. Lord blackwelder, the corrupt head of the regional power utility and Jawbreaker, the duplicitous alter ego of millionaire, Countess Vandermeer, are both after the plans and will stop at nothing, including murder, in order to stop the Tinkers and Lady Cushing.

(JC): You are funding the project via Kickstarter. What fun is in store for those that kick in on your Kickstarter?

(MT): Well, we’re not a store, so we are not trying to overwhelm people with a lot of merchandise. We are offering the pilot in different forms: digital download, regular dvd and blu-ray, plus some other incentives.

(JC): Where do you plan to go from here?

(MT): To develop the intellectual property into a franchise: games, tv, movies, ancillary products.

(JC): How do you keep the creativity flowing and who are your inspirations

(MT): Individuals as a whole do not inspire me. Just because someone creates gold one minute does not mean that the sun shines out of their backside. I am inspired by individual works, not bodies of work as a whole. For example, loved Alien & Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, didn’t like Someone to Watch Over Me or White Squall, also by Ridley Scott. Loved Firefly by Joss Whedon, didn’t like Doll House, also by Joss Whedon.

(JC): Fair enough.  I also write for my site The Weird Review and I like to close my interviews with an invitation to tell me and the readers something weird and wonderful about yourself.  Would you like to share anything weird and wonderful that will give your fans something fun that they wouldn’t otherwise know?

(MT): I once drove a cab in New York for one evening when the cab driver who picked me up to go to the airport offered me the unique opportunity. The cab driver spent the evening hanging out the window of the passenger side smoking and complaining.

(JC): Hilarious!  Thanks again for agreeing to do the interview with me and I will look forward to seeing the Tinker series when it comes out!

(MT): Thank you for having me. Don’t forget to follow our progress at tinkersteampunkseries.com and our Kickstarter campaign at http://kck.st/14ceafN.

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