Local lass takes trophy for creative cosplay at Wizard World costume contest


The winners of the Best Team Up and the Judges with MC Jarret Crippen photobombing in the back

The winners of the Best Team Up and the Judges with MC Jarret Crippen photo bombing in the back

Saturday night Grand Rapids resident and Sparta native, Kala Smith took the “Best Team Up” trophy at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (one of the biggest and best costume contests in the Midwest!) costume contest.  Kala teamed up with Ryan Green and James T. Wulfgar of the Cosplay Chicago (cosplay is short for costume play.)

While cosplaying at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo the three had joked about cosplaying the gargoyles from the cartoon, “Gargoyles.”  Though the suggestion started as a joke they all decided it was too good of an idea to pass up and it wowed the audience and took them to the top honors in the team category.

Kala is not new to cosplay and has played some of her favorite comic characters at other conventions such as the Detroit Fanfare and Motor City Comic Con.  Kala also modeled with a dragon sculpture in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan for an article by John N. Collins during the Grand Rapids Art Prize.  Mr. Collins occasionally meets up with cosplayers for photo shoots at the White Cap Comics in Grand Rapids.

After winning they had the judges sign their trophies.  The judges included L.A.s top cosplayer, Ivy Doomkitty, and Jason David Frank, the Green Power Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

For those wishing to congratulate Kala and her teammates on their win, they will be at the Chicago Cosplay booth for the rest of the weekend.

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