Two must see films at the Gen Con Film Festival

This weekend at Gen Con the time to put down your dice and set aside the games for a quick flick is 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings when two award winning films will be playing at the Gen Con Film Festival.

Found In Time is a brilliant film with a complex and fascinating storyline, very talented actors, great cinematography, and is polished to a degree only seen among those films that take top honors. It is set in an imaginary city, New York, where psychics are monitored by the Psychological Police Corps due to the huge impact they could have on all of our reality.

The story centers on a psychic named Chris – played by  – whose abilities are, to my knowledge, unique to this film. He remembers the future, much like we remember the past, and makes his living by collecting things that he will need and then selling them to the people who will be needing them. Pop a button and lose it? Chris has the perfect replacement.

When Chris remembers a murder he commits in the future he must figure out which actions, items, events, and people in the present hold the key to altering a grim future.

Found in Time took the Best Science Fiction Feature Film at Hollywood’s premiere Sci Fi/Horror/Thriller film festival, Shriekfest in 2012. Check out the video where I had the pleasure of announcing “Found In Time” as the winner and then later interviewing the writer/director/producer, Arthur Vincie.

Death In Charge” is another past winner of Shriekfest (Best Horror Short Film by Director Devi Snively) features a beautiful but somewhat shy and quiet lady death going into a home to conduct her business.

Things go somewhat awry and the lady Death – played by the lovely  – ends up babysitting a rather self involved latch key girl named Whitney – played by the talented young actress  – while her mother is away on a date. Like a highly skilled but quirky child therapist, the lovely, lady Death helps her ward through the emotional issues of dealing with her working mom frequent absenses.

In the end the child reaches levels of resolution and appreciation for her mother that might take years with a less skilled and resourceful therapist.

Found in Time is playing Friday at 9:00 p.m. in the Westin Grand Ballroom IV and Death In Charge is playing Saturday at 9:00 p.m. in the Westin Grand Ballroom III.

If you can only squeeze in two movies at Gen Con this year, these are the movies to watch!

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