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Avery Brooks, William Shatner, and Scott Bakula at the Wizard World Captains panel
Avery Brooks, William Shatner, and Scott Bakula at the Wizard World Captains panel


Out of the Bag beings at ArtPrize 2013

Out of the Bag beings (Vote 55063) at ArtPrize 2013

This weekend is a weekend of tough choices for those who have a taste for the arts and for those who seek to avoid them.  Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo in Michigan and Columbus, Ohio are the places to be for the those who seek a variety of arts.

In Grand Rapids this is the first, full weekend of ArtPrize 2013 where over 1,500 works of art will be exhibited all over downtown Grand Rapids and tens of thousands will flock from all over the world to see the wonderful variety of art and meet the many artists who will be there to chat with the patrons of the arts.  In this case “patron” is anyone that gets registered and can vote for their artwork as there are cash prizes of over $500,000 on the line and more than half of that money will be determined by popular vote of the folks that go to Grand Rapids and check out their work.  You can be sure that the artists will be happy to chat with you a bit about their art and, of course, give you the number you need to type in your phone to vote for them.  As of 5:53 a.m. on September 21, 2013 there have been 67,765 votes cast!

Sal "Vampire Santa" and Sid Haig

Sal “Vampire Santa” and Sid Haig

If the finer arts or  the ArtPrize traffic send you screaming and you like to scream but not like that, head down to Kalamazoo for a Freaks and Geeks time at the Kalamazoo Horror Festival!  There will be movies, art and horror heroes and villains aplenty.  Horror star Sid Haig will be on hand to sign posters, videos and other works of art.  In addition to signing movies, posters and other horror art, Sal Lizard will also gladly sign his book “Being Santa Claus: What I Learned about the True Meaning of Christmas” and if you don’t have anything to sign and you are cute and female, well, Sal will figure out something for you.

Ari Lehman the First Jason was going to perform Friday night at the Monaco Bay in downtown Kalamazoo’s entertainment district.  As it turned out, the local bar singer never turned over the stage so Ari, Camden Toy, and Mike Holman ended up singing opera in the street outside the night club.  Check out the video of their performance!


The lovely Michelle Shields star of “Frankenstein: Day of the Beast” is on hand with her videos, comics, and pics and will sign them as she graces you with her presence and a smile.  Check out the celebrity list for the Freaks and Geeks Horror Festival and for a little video preview, check out the Weird Review interviews with Sid Haig, Sal Lizard, and Michelle Shields.

Avery Brooks, William Shatner, and Scott Bakula at the Wizard World Captains panel

Avery Brooks, William Shatner, and Scott Bakula at the Wizard World Captains panel

For a huge mix of celebrities, artists, panels, and a host of cosplayers decked out in amazing costumes, check out Wizard World in Columbus, Ohio.  The First Captain of Star Trek, William Shatner himself has beamed in for the weekend.  For Ghost Hunter fans, Grant Wilson will be at the con and if you have seen the show but haven’t met the man, this is one for you as he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet as well as a gamer geek.  Check out the Weird Review interview with Grant and his gaming partner and artist, Mike Richie.

The guest list includes folks like Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank, and many other of your favorite stars of the screens big and small and to top it off the Amazing Stan Lee will be there.

If these events are too much awesome for your system there are many other fun and festive events this weekend from the Walk In The Spirit Pow Wow at Charlton Park in Hastings, Michigan to the Old West Festival Steampunk Weekend in Williamsburg, Ohio. With all that is going on the toughest choice will be where to go!

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