Weird Review’s Top Hits/Top Fans So Far In 2011

Some give aways from recent events.
Some give aways from recent events.

Over the past three months as a photographer I have covered 18 Mardi Gras Parades, 9 conventions, an amazing Halloween and Attractions Trade Show, and a really neat Living History Show.

I keep an eye on the site stats so I have an idea how many visits to the site are real people, what pages are hit, and if they were linked over from another site I also will know the words they searched to find my site.  While I haven’t the foggiest idea who any individual is that hits the site, I have a good idea what or who they are interested in viewing.  That information gives me an idea of the size and loyalty of different group’s fan base, helps me decide what direction I am going to put more focus in the future, and lets me know what works and what doesn’t in terms of marketing this site (I have done very little of that.  In fact my first business cards with this site name on it arrive today!)

My interpretation of the data isn’t pure science as I did use some less than scientific methods to arrive at my conclusions (my old Sociology – I have a B.A. in it – advisor would be appalled at them I am sure!) however I believe they are valid.  For instance, a link that has been up for 2 months and has had 100 hits is not equal to a link that has been up for a week and has 100 hits (after you remove “spider” hits the difference is huge and then give weight to the amount of time a particular link has been up it becomes more significant.)

Looking over the statistics I have been a bit surprised by which links were the most popular and what it indicated about who has the biggest or most dedicated fanbase.  I have concluded I had to give more than one to each spot so here are the top three, or six, or seven or, well read on and I think you will understand.

Number 3 for convention fanbase is The World Steam Expo.   Since I just posted it last week, I found that surprising and when I looked at their forums on their site when I saw that they were getting so many hits, their forums were down, so the traffic wasn’t from their forums.  I emailed their con chair when I posted the article but never heard back from them so I don’t think he is making a fuss about what I wrote.  I messaged the link to Evelyn Kriete but didn’t see her post anything on her facebook (but if she even whispered it under her breath its possible that half the Steampunk world heard.)  It is also possible that with just a few weeks to go before the 2011 World Steam Expo, people are looking for anything about it.  So number three is the eager fans of the World Steam Expo.

The number 3 non convention spot goes to Chris Rager and Quinton Flynn.  They were guests at Anime-SPARK! and they both have a great fan base so I am sure there were readers who read it because they were fans of one or the other and a lot read it because they were fans of Anime-SPARK!  so Chris and Quinton share the #3 spot in my book.

Not surprising then, is that the convention with the number 2 fanbase is Anime-SPARK!  Why should it come as a surprise?  Even though it was a first year convention, the con chair, Ryan Kopf, runs three other conventions and owns the site and there are a lot of people that love and respect him (I just think of him as Ryry the lil cuddle monster that all the girls chase after. 😉

The number 2 for non convention fans are Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore and their comic, “FOOTPRINTS.” Now this one didn’t really surprise me as they are putting out an excellent comic and they are fan-publishing it which means there are already lots of fans out there that have kicked in money to pay for the comic books in advance.  To do that you have to have a good product and some very solid fans.
The number one spot is a convention that has had solid hits from the day I left and consistent hits of more people looking at the articles I wrote and the pics I took.  The convention with the most dedicated fanbase wasn’t the biggest, or the oldest, or even located in a popular place.  Once again I have to say, “Appleton, Wisconsin???”  Who would have known?  The Kitsune Kon anime convention was a first year convention in the winter in the icy northern city of Appleton, Wisconsin.  The con itself was extremely well organized and the people were all friendly and just there to have fun and enjoy the convention.  It was like a huge family reunion…  Well, except for it being fun, there being no arguing, and…  Ok, maybe it wasn’t like a family reunion.  Guests at the con included Vic Mignonga, Tiffany Grant, and Chris Cason.  The article I did on Chris and Tiffany’s panel at Kitsune Kon has been very popular (Tiffany Grant told me she even read it!) in contrast to my article about Vic which sees the occasional hit from a search engine referral from someone looking for him.  It may be that Tiffany and Chris just have a huge fanbase and nobody is interested in Vic, or it could be that I wrote the article on Vic before Kitsune and it is the Kitsune fans are hitting it.  Maybe Tiffany told her mom about it? (You know how moms are!)  I suspect it is a combination, but, I mean, really, has anyone out there ever heard of that “Vic” guy?  (LOL…  I may hear some noise from the Risembool Rangers after that comment!)  To be fair to the fans of some of the other cons I have attended this year, I wrote more about Kitsune than most of the other cons and the site is becoming more well established as I go, I am becoming more comfortable with the site software, and the newest updates are posted on the front page so anyone that goes to the site sees it first.  But still I have to say that the Kitsune fans have hit my site from day one and hit it more often.  As I look at see multiple links to my site on their front page so that is part of it but that means Kitsune fans visit the Kitsune site often.  Bottom line is their con Director, Rez, and his staff do an amazing job and the Kitsune Kon fans just can’t get enough of it.

Now for the overall number one spot, I have to say its like a loose tooth or a scab.  Your tongue always pushes at a loose tooth and you’re always itching or picking at a scab.  The subject of the article with the biggest fanbase is kinda like that.  When their group t-shirt advertises that, “TENNEY CREEPS ME OUT.” how else could I explain that it has had the most hits since I posted it?  Really though, John Tenney is a fun guy (or is that fungi?  I get confused!) and a pleasure to speak with, but he does get into the creepy stuff and that is the whole point of the show – Paranormal State – The New Class – coming out next month on A & E May 2nd at 10:30 p.m.

To celebrate the first three months of fun and weirdness in 2011, I am going to post some giveaways on the site from different events I have covered and different celebrities (hmmm…  Could this be another way to see which events and celebrities have a bigger fanbase?  Does Tenney and The New Class have a more loyal fanbase than Kitsune Kon and Kitsune more than Anime-SPARK!?  Are Tiffany and Chris Cason really more popular than Chris Rager and Quinton Flynn?  Doesn’t anyone care about Vic Mignonga?  What about Robert “Lord Zedd” Axelrod, Micah Solusod and Pam Dougherty?  Stay tuned…)

For the next month, ending Sunday May 15th at midnight, I will give away the following:

1) 2 autographed photo collages of Vic Mignonga.  – Done and sent!

2) 2 autographed photo collages of Tiffany Grant.  – Done and sent!

3) 2 autographed photo collages of Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager.  – Done and sent!

4) 2 autographed photo collages of Micah Solusod and Pam Dougherty.  – Done and sent!

5) 2 autographed photos of Robert “Lord Zedd” Axelrod. –  One left to the next person that posts that they want it!

6) 2 photos autographed by four members of the New Class cast.  – Two left to the next person that posts that they want it!

7) A “TENNEY CREEPS ME OUT.” T-shirt signed by four members of the cast, including Tenney himself!  (I may be able to con them into sending me another!) – Deadline passed.  Free to the first person that posts that they want it!

How do you get in on the deal?

First you have to sign up to make comments on the articles and then you go to the article specific to the item you want to win and post a comment to the effect that you are a fan of that person, that you want the item, and also post what convention you met me at if you did met me at a convention.

One person who posts a comment to the appropriate article for each item by Midnight, May 15th, will be randomly selected to receive one.  So, for example, if you want an autographed pic of Robert Axelrod, go to the interview with Robert Axelrod and post a comment something like, “I love Robert Axelrod!  I met you at Mew Con and I want an autographed pic of Robert!” or the Tenney article and write something like, “Tenney Creeps Me Out, but I want the T-shirt!  I met you at C2E2.”

The second one will be more difficult.  If you want a chance at that, after you post that you want the item, have friends also post that they want the item and that they want you to have one too.  The one with the most “votes” as of Midnight May 15th will win the second item.

Oh, there are already a few other articles with giveaways (a couple videos and a game!) and check back as I will be adding more items as the month progresses.

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